Monday, November 1, 2010


I hope everyone's Halloween was full of candy, laughs, surprises, costume appreciation, and awesome fun! Mine certainly was. ^_^

Pretty much this whole weekend has been a blast. On Friday, my mom and Adam invited Annette and I to come to their home-school costume party, which was quite fun. Then last night, the night of Halloween, we went to the annual party at our Town Center (we've gone every year for ages), which has costume contests for age categories and booths with kiddy games where you win candy. Adam, as the Mad Hatter from the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, won second place in his category. See the comparison:
Incredibly similar, huh? ^_^

This year for Halloween, my twin was Grouch Marx, our favorite of the Marx brothers. He's probably before your time, but he's the one who had a big black mustache, a cigar, and the sharpest wit you ever saw.

Meanwhile, I was my very own character. Like no one you would know from a particular movie or TV show. I wanted to be something... scary for Halloween this year. I've been a mermaid, a hula girl, a princess, a mime, a hippie and lots of other creative and cool-looking characters, but I've never had a real Halloween-ish costume.

But this year, I changed that. ^_^ Mwah-ha-ha-hah!!!
I was... a Mad Scientist! Behold my evil!

There is no contest. This was my favorite costume for Halloween EVER! Remember how I found the crazy x-ray glasses with my Grandma? I used those! My mom found this wonderful white "lab coat", and I painted it myself with blood and slime (red and green paint =P), even though it looked really beautiful and I didn't want to ruin it at first. I put up my hair all crazy, we sewed a pipe-cleaner spider onto my shoulder to make me look more creepy, I wore yellow rubber gloves, and I filled a beaker with green liquid for a prop.

Before we got to the home-school party on Friday, I wrote this poem about my costume, which I loved so much. And on Halloween, I got my siblings to help me put together a short film, where I recite the poem and act it out. I think it is really cool and I hope I will get to show it to you soon. ^_^
At the Town Center, Annette and I volunteered to help out at a couple of the game booths for the first time ever. For years we'd simply enjoyed the party. This time, we saw what the party looked like before people came, when the party was hopping, and after everyone left.

It was a lot of work, but I had so much fun. ^_^ Working with the kids, encouraging them to win the game, and seeing their smiles as I gave them candy, was all the payment I needed. Plus I think I got a lot of impressed looks for my costume, which made me really happy. Neither Annette nor I won the contest for our age group, but that was okay with me. I still had the best Halloween ever. ^_^

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Rainy said...

I am wowed by your costumes! Blown speechless they are so coooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!