Monday, November 22, 2010

Writing is like a sandcastle

This morning I happened to find this blog post, titled "Writing is Like..." I thought it was pretty inspirational. Not just the content of the post, but also the commenters' own interpretations of the question. Pondering the prompt myself, I came up with my own clever analogy. I actually surprised myself with what I ended up writing!
Writing is like building a sandcastle. You gather a whole bunch of ideas and mix and pack them together, modeling them to your desire. Then you take a step back at your work and realize that some parts need to be taken away, or added to it. It is gritty and dirty work, and maybe the tide will wash it away, but you don't care. You're doing this simply for the joy of creation.

People passing by may stop to look at your castle. Maybe they'll admire it and say "Wow, you're an artist. Nice work." Or maybe they'll look down on it and say "You call that a castle? *scoff* I've seen better."

You can have friends help you with your castle, but really, it is your creation.

Finally, you'll stand back and find that your project is complete. It is perfect; nothing more can be added or taken away. You smile with the feeling of accomplishment.

And you know that the next time you go to the beach, you'll be doing the very same thing and loving every minute of it. ^_^

I'd like to continue this chain and ask my readers this question: what is writing like for you?

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Silvergal said...

I really like your analogy of writing to building a sandcastle, you are so clever and expressive...