Saturday, May 30, 2009

End of the Month Updates

The last day of May. How a-May-zing. *tee-hee* ^,^

Summer is nearly upon us. Well, officially on the calender, anyway. For me, Summer started a long time ago. (Floridian, remember? You jealous? ^,~) Of course, it's been raining unusually frequently for the last couple weeks. Oh well. Also, I suppose lots of people already consider it summer, since school's out. And one of my dear friends seems to be going on some sort of vague summer vacation trip. I don't know where she's going, but she's not gonna be blogging for a while. (I'll miss your presence on my blog, Q. -,-)

Okay, here are the updates I promised:
There's a new Leslie and Kyle episode up on YouTube! At last! We've worked on this one really hard, and finally it's there for everyone to see. It's a jokes and riddles special, our 11th vid in the show. I think one more will make it the end of the season. June 24th will mark the day we uploaded the first ever sock-puppet episode. Here's the link. Remember to pass it around to as many people as you can. And for those who are not familiar with Leslie and Kyle, I suggest you check out our previous episodes. Enjoy. ^,~
Last night I saw an awesome movie. The Day After Tomorrow. I really loved how the story could be so action-packed, even without a good VS. evil plot. It's just regular people who have normal lives who suddenly get a glimpse of apocalypse when the earth makes a drop into another ice-age. Extreme storms, hurricanes, flooding, even tornadoes (caused by MUCH too much global warming) swirl across the planet as it attempts to cleanse itself. Thousands of people do not survive. (But of course, the main characters do. It would really suck if any of the characters you learned to care about had to perish. Like the son of the climatologist who predicts all the horrible storms, and his friends, and that hobo with his dog, Bhudda.)

So many things to like about this movie. It was funny when it actually snowed in New Delhi, and when hail the size and weight of baseballs fell in Japan. My favorite part is when a small band of survivors huddle up in the famous New York public library and are trying to decide which books they should burn in order to stay warm. ^_^ They took down an entire shelf on Tax Law. *lol* The guy who was the Vice President was mean. He reminded me of the last one we had. I bet he would have acted the same way.

My only quibble is that in the end, the Earth finally clears up and things go back to "normal." There's a lot less people living on the planet, and all the maps probably have to be redrawn, not to mention more than half of America's buildings are under ice. But it goes back to normal. It ends just right there. That doesn't sit well with me. They force you to imagine your own ending. But other than that, the film was quite a thriller.
We've finally set a date for when Annette and I can take our driving test. I know, it's really late in coming, but at least we have an appointment. Now I'll be able to get my license! And hopefully use it.
Now that I'm finally done with my load of library-borrowed novels, I'm going to take another short book vacation. So no more reviews on my book blog for a week. Also my mom says we took too many dvds out of the library, so no movies for a week either. Not to mention T.V....
After not touching it for a month, I've finally updated the Dashnog Dictionary. Phew! What a lot of work, scanning the comment sections of Dashner's most recent posts, spotting a new Dashnog word, copying and pasting, then calculating how many words there are now in the dictionary. However, those people who are highly attentive will notice that lots of words are missing here.

This is because, at Dashner's advice, I removed all the sub-par Dashnog words that I didn't think deserved to be part of the Dashnog language. Words that had only one word definitions, words that didn't seem to click well with their assigned definitions, words that I didn't imagine would be useful in everyday speech (if people spoke Dashnog every day, that it.) I'm proud of the work I did. I took out many words. Mostly Fan #1's words, but I removed a few from everyone. Even me. All except for the words James Dashner invented himself. It's his language, after all. ^,~

That's all for now.
Thanks to all my awesome friends for commenting in my last post and making me feel much more appreciated and useful. A word of advice to my other followers/ random readers: please don't feel shy. Speak up! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my blog once in a while. ^,^

Hey, it's been a while since I did this, but I just thought I'd do it again. For the sake of it. ^, ~
Joacby, rae uyo gnoig ot rebeemmr ot od taht caetirn tnhig uoy ende ot od? Eth oen hrndeud cule pzulze? Ro si taht giong ot eb utp no hlod ofr a wlhie? I ende udpaets, anm!

Get the picture?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where is everybody?

I wanted to write about a lot of stuff before. I made lots of drafts so I could talk about each thing separately without overwhelming you guys. Like this whole drama about how I wanted to go to a Teen Writer's Conference up in Utah that Dashner recommended (here's the post where he talks about it.) but it wasn't so practical for me. Or how I've seen a couple awesome shows on the Travel Channel, one about places where you can have fun to the extreme and one that lists the best ever water parks in the country.

Or how I finally was able to conquer my fear of the skateboard ramp I fumbled on over a month ago. Not once, not twice, but three times I "ripped" down the ramp without once falling off. That was cool. Now I've proven that I'm not a chicken anymore. ^_^

I've also finished the Pendragon adventure (here's the review of book 10 on my book blog!), gone to see a play of Guys and Dolls put on by my old friends (which made me reminisce about my High School Musical days), had dinner at my old favorite restaurant Sweet Tomatoes, and had homemade pizza yesterday, since it was Tuesday (I suppose we're having pizza on the last Tuesday of the month now instead of the first Tuesday).

But somehow, I get the feeling that you guys wouldn't be interested in that stuff, since it's so personal for me. Besides, I guess you get the basic idea with those short references. You don't really need to hear the whole story.

No, the actual point I wanted to get to in this post is a question. Like I say in my title... where did everybody go? Of course, when I wrote this draft I wanted to include James Dashner in that statement, but he posted recently, so he's out. But honestly, why does it seem that people aren't blogging much anymore? School's out now, so I thought for sure that certain people would have much more time to blog now. I also thought that certain people would have fixed a certain clue link by now so that their certain friend could continue their online scavenger hunt. It's driving me crazy!

Also, one of my other good friends hasn't blogged for at least five weeks, so I decided to quit following him. Sorry about that. I don't know what happened to him, but he still comments once in a while, so I know he hasn't disappeared off the face of the earth. So that's good.

I don't know. Perhaps it's because it's Summer that people don't want to blog anymore, because they don't want to be cooped up inside with their computer when they could be out and about having fun. I can understand that. But I still would like to know what's happening out there.

Maybe this is a sign that I should quit blogging soooo much as well. I mean, how many people will miss me? I ought to get back to writing my Imazia book (as my mom gently keeps pointing out ^,~). But before I sign off, I'd like to say that I'm pretty curious about the 9 followers I've somehow gathered in my roughly five months blogging. I know Annette (duh, she's my sister!), Brian, Lou Mac (who unfortunately made her blog private since Valentines Day, so I have no idea how she is) and Rainy, but everyone else is a stranger to me. If everyone who reads this post would be kind enough to give me a comment, introduce themselves to me, let me know that they really care, I'd much appreciate it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lots to explain...

Well, so much for being concise and blogging every once in a while. I think I'm piled up on topics to blog about. A lot has happened over my weekend, and I'm not sure how to explain it all. Q's right. I guess it's not in my nature to be content with short posts. But really, I will try not to make this difficult for you.

Let's see... the farthest I can remember back to is Friday. That was cool. Annette and I joined our mom and Adam in their home-school meeting because, instead of going to the park as usual, they were going to Kailen and Toni-Ann's house, and they'd talked about how much fun it'd been last time they went that we figured it would be fun to go. Also, my sister and I had volunteered our time to lead a discussion of why numbers are fun and important. Yep. Not why math is fun, but numbers.

I think we did a pretty good job. I mean, how would you feel if you had to convince a circle of kids that numbers are a good thing, with the bad rep that math gets these days! But we showed them a few cute number tricks and that tided them over.

Hey, do you guys know the story of the king and the gardener? That was an especially good hit with the kids. When the gardener starts working for the king, he asks that he gets a penny for his first day, and then 2 pennies the next day, and 4 pennies after that. Each day, the king was to double his salary, no matter what. The king (not very smart) thought this was a wonderful deal! But the gardener wagered that the king wouldn't last even a month before he handed the entire kingdom over to him. To figure out the end of this story, it'd be best to use a calculator. Just keep doubling the numbers 30 times, and you'll see why the gardener soon became king.

The house was really fun. The family has a couple sweet dogs, Bella and Lucky. Bella was definitely my favorite. She's a two year old golden retriever that acts like a goofy, hyper, overgrown puppy. She can do basic tricks, like sit, lie down and shake paw. You just have to get her attention. She'll do it for anyone. It's cool telling a dog what to do.

The other dog, Lucky, is small. I'm not sure what breed he is, but he's small as a chihuahua and 14 years old. He's still active though. He has short fur, so when I pet him I think of our hamster, Hazel. Even though it rained a lot that day, we were able to jump on their giant trampoline outside. I love jumping! Who doesn't? I don't get to trampoline a lot, so whenever I do, it's so much fun!

Ummm, I've seen a couple good old movies recently. The Terminal, with Tom Hanks, and Death Becomes Her, with Maryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis. Those both have really good stories. I highly recommend them.

Well look, this isn't everything I wanted to talk about, but I'm not very in the mood. It would take too long a time to write about everything. I'll post something else later.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A much briefer post

Yes, I agree with Jacoby's comment. I must've broken the world record for longest post. Or at least just the record for my longest posts. So I'm going to take a leaf out of J.N.'s book and revert back to very short posts that get right to the point.

It was super stormy today. I don't know why we had to take a walk out there, but we did. Each of us (me, Annette and Adam) had to take our own umbrella. It was light at first, but then it started really pouring, and my sneakers filled with water, so my socks got soaked. Quite uncomfortable. The bottoms of my jean legs got very wet too.

I'm not very accustomed to squishy shoes and extreme wetness. I wouldn't know, but I bet Utah or Washington experiences a lot more wetness, so you guys are probably used to that. Not me.

When we got home, we saw a mother duck and her family of ducklings. I think there were 10 of them. They were so adorable! It's been so long since we had ducklings come up to our house. I'll download the pictures of them later. Check them on Picture Perfect.

*Edit* Alright, here they are. (Link)

Monday, May 18, 2009

My awesome, AWESOME day!

I'm writing this post at the library. I have about thirty minutes left in my session, so I'll probably have to finish it at home later. Still, I want to write as much as I can here.

Yesterday was a better day than I had any right to expect. Which is why I think I was pleasantly surprised to see everything turn out right. Exactly the opposite of how I'm normally like.

If you guys read my book blog a while ago (here's the link if you didn't. Look near the bottom), you'll remember that I talked about wanting to go to Borders to meet Rick Riordan. The guy who wrote the Olympian series? Well, yesterday morning I was really torn between wanting to go to the event and going to the beach like we normally do. Why would I want to miss such a grand opportunity, you ask? Well, presently I remembered that I was the only one in the family who has bothered to read any of Riordan's books, so I was the only one who cared about it. It would have been different if my sister had read at least of his novels, but she hadn't.

So I was having this inner battle with myself of "should I... should I not?" when my mom (I'd excitedly told her about the event when I'd heard about it) reminded me about it and asked whether I really wanted to go. I did, but I didn't altogether feel like it would be a worth-while venture. Still, she told my dad about it, and they felt really supportive of me and were more than happy to drive Annette and me to the book store. It was decided that we twins would hang at the bookstore, have our own day and take the bus home while our parents and Adam went to the beach.

Well, we got to the book-store. We were running a little late for the discussion, in which Rick Riordan answered various questions, such as was The Last Olympian going to be the last thing he wrote? or questions about the movie coming up in 2010 (on a seperate note, Percy Jackson will be played by Logan Lerman, and I know that guy because I was an extra in the film Hoot, where he played the main character. I talk about it more here), but I didn't care about that. All I wanted was Rick's autograph.

I was as prepared as I could be, physically, but not quite mentally. In my mind I knew I wouldn't be able to get his siganture if I didn't buy one of his books, and I refused to buy one of his books, because I've already read them all, and I was in no rush to read his latest work. Still, I asked a worker if it would be possible to get him to autograph just a little scrap of paper, but she said no, only books would get signed.

I felt like a failure, and, even though I'd done nothing outwardly wrong, I felt like such an embarrasment in front of my family. I was ready to call it quits and go to the beach with them. But I stayed. I owe a large amount of gratitude to my parents, who were so confident in me that I could get what I wanted. I doubted it and was nearly upset to tears (I only cried two tears before I told myself to buck up), but I finally allowed them to go on their way to the beach. I would try the best I could.

And I did! I stuck around near Riordan's table, taking photos and movies of him doing his job. (I don't have the movies, but I already posted the pictures on Picture Perfect.)Signing his books, greeting his fans, answering more questions. It was really fascinating to watch him at work. Annette was free to wander around Borders, and I myself left only a couple times to see whether Pendragon #10 or 13th Reality #2 were available in the store, but besides that, I never left my post.

Eventually I came up with a plan. I would wait there for as long as it took for the fans to run out, and would ask him straight out for his autograph. I planned a whole speech in my head. "Excuse me, Mr. Riordan sir? I know you're all tired from signing so many books and your wrist must be really cramped, but would you please please please be kind enough to give me your autograph on my silly scrap of paper? I promise it'll only take a minute of your time."

Turns out I didn't have to say much at all. When there were no more fans in line and Rick stood up from his chair, I took my chance. I blurted, "Sorry, but could you please sign..." and he was all, "Sure, of course!" He took my paper and quickly signed it on his knee. He barely looked like he gave the scrawl much thought, but then I guess that comes with much autograph practise. I forget whether I thanked him or not, but he didn't care. He looked all smiley and seemed more than happy to give me his autograph, though I hadn't bothered to buy his book.

I was so thrilled! I'd gotten what I'd come for and it hadn't taken much work to do! Oh, whoops! My time's up...

*Edit* Okay, now I'm back at home and can continue my epic post. This is a lot of fun writing, like a journal entry. I hope you don't mind reading so much.

Anyway, I had just gotten Rick's "John Hancock," right? So I went to find Annette, showed it to her, and she was happy for me. With no other business there, we decided to leave, but before we did, we treated ourselves to cookies from the indoor cafe (one chocolate and one snickerdoodle, if you must know ^,^). While waiting, I caught sight of Rick Riordan going into the bathroom. I pointed him out to Annette, and she suggested me probably getting a quick picture with him. I thought not, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. But, sure enough, he came out with a phone to his ear, so when I asked him for a picture he could only say, "Sorry, I'd like to, but I can't. I've got another event." Busy man, huh? But then, I guess on tours, all authors are busy. Take Dashner's account, for example. ^,^

I didn't mind very much, though. I was very content with my lot. Anways, Annette and I had a great day after that. We walked to the mall, which was relatively close by. We hung out at Books-A-Million for a bit, (can't get enough of bookstores!) and I went looking for the big 2 again. That is, Pendragon and 13th Reality. Well, as evidenced by my book blog, I found one. ^,^ So happy!

So I bought the book, and then we hung out at the food court and got chinese food. Panda Express. Delicious. Chow Mein noodles, fried rice, couple egg rolls. I think the fortune in my cookie said, "The best prophet of the future is the past." Yep. I think they were right.

When we were all done, Annette and I had to wait for our bus. For a while. So we took out the book I'd just bought. Yes. Pendragon #10! How awesome it was to read along with her. It's great knowing that we're on the same page. (Actually, I'm sorry to admit, when we got off the bus we were in the middle of Chapter 2, and when we got home, I took the opportunity to finish it by myself. I don't think Annette has, so I'm ahead of her. Sorry. ~,~)

It was great. When we got off the bus, we still had to walk a long way 'til we got home. But I love walking. We cut across a couple of golf courses. It was beautiful. If you checked out Picture Perfect, you'll see that we saw rainbow (there was a light sun-shower) a duckling family, and this cool heron/ egret bird (I don't really know what it is, but it looked cool). Just so much fun.

And that was my day out with my sister. It was so funny... When my parents and brother finally got home, and I told them I'd gotten Rick Riordan's autograph, my mom was all... "YOU DID?!!! OMG, I so proud of you!" It was worth getting Rick's signature just to see her reaction! And I thought no one could be more thrilled than I was. ^,^

Alright. I've bored you guys long enough. Time to get on with your life now. ^,~

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Whoa. It's hard to believe that I let almost a week pass since my exciting last post. I'm sooo sorry to leave you guys hanging like I did. I'll try to cover as much as I can...

Well, about my day in Sarasota...meh... I wouldn't say it was the best day of my life, because with hind-sight, I think it was pretty so-so. First of all, I drove all five of us (me and my dad in the front and my mom, sis and bro in the back) in our little yellow beetle for 3 loooong hours. I mean, that was quite an accomplishment for me. You'd think so, right?

But really, it was slightly boring. You know, flat Florida landscape? Still, I was able to keep my sanity with some great music to sing along to. I was pretty proud of myself, I suppose. (Hey, how many of you have seen Rain Man, with a young Dustin Hoffman? "I'm an excellent driver, an excellent driver..." ^,^)

New College was nice looking. I sat in on a sociology class, which was fascinating, I'll admit. It was the first time I'd been in a small college classroom, anyway. I listened very quietly and attentively to the teacher, and even participated a tiny bit. I was happy about that. I'm usually very shy and quiet, and I didn't plan on saying anything in there.

We got a nice tour from a senior student (who, coincidentally, also had a twin. They both lived on campus). It was very nice, walking around the establishment. I tried imagining myself being in this school, but it was not as easy as when I'd only thought about even coming there. I mean, this place isn't just about fun and games. Everyone works really hard there. After the tour was over, we had a small picnic on the grounds, went to the library to chat with another student, and then it was Annette's turn to drive us homeward.

I am very aware of my unfortunate habit of building a date up way too much in my mind, only to see it sink just below my high expectations. I've really got to stop that. I need to be more neutral, and not care about what happens, even if it is an exciting event. Like today. Jacoby mentioned Pendragon #10 coming out today in his blog. I was happy to be reminded of it, but disappointed not to have done much to celebrate the fact. Oh well. Next time I go to a book store, I'll be scanning for it on the shelves. ^,^

In other news, I've been watching a lot of the New Twilight Zone. This is a much better Twilight Zone than that old '60s show. The short episodes are very weird and funny, maybe a little creepy, but always good stories. I've recognized a few old stars in some of them, like Bruce Willis, Danny Kaye, Morgan Freeman, and that guy who used to play Jerry Seinfeld's dad, Barney Martin. We're watching a 6-disk collection of the first season, and we're still only on the 3rd DVD! We sure got a long way to go...

The Saturday night before Mother's Day was lots of fun. I finished my card, we watched a funny new episode of JONAS (I really like that show... laugh if you want), and, as a treat, we went to the restaurant Flanigans. We didn't get a big meal, just ordered dessert. We shared a Bonzai brownie) and a Flanigan Shenanigan (slice of candy-apple pie). Hey, that's what it said on the menu. They were huge, each with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream and topped with all sorts of nuts and crunchies. No one could've eaten either of them on their own without exploding. I had a great time. Then, when it was really late, we stayed up for a new SNL episode. Justin Timberlake hosted. I think he's cute.

Mother's Day was nice. We had a brunch of bagels and cream cheese, our mother adored our cards, and we spent the rest of the day at our favorite beach. While there, I started reading Jane Eyre. You know, that classic by Charlotte Bronte? (It has this precise cover. Not very flattering, but that's what I'm reading.)

don't have a lot of interest in classics, thinking them to be boring and written in waaaay old-fashioned language, but this book was recently lended to us by a friend who recommended it, so I'm giving it a crack. I've honestly surprised myself by finding it enjoyable, and not boring at all. I'll post about it on my book blog soon, I promise.

Speaking of books, I've recently made friends with another book blogger, Graham Bradley. His reviews (or "chops") are way awesome. He is also a big fan of Dashner, and a frequent Dashnog inventor to boot. That makes him good in my book. But anyway, he's recently submitted a few chapters of a novel he just finished writing to a publisher, and so I asked him if I could read it. The manuscript is called Sidewinder, and it's just around 35 chapters long. I'm half-way through and I love it! Of course, he told me not to spread the story around, but you can always ask him...

And finally, in an effort to wrap this up, I will once again remind Jacoby Nielson that he should fix up the link to his 2nd clue in his 100 clue game. I know that I've already reminded him about it in a comment, but I'm pretty persistent when I want to be. ^,^ And, as he already knows from prior experience, I will not stop.

Bye for now!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too... excited... to sleep!!!

I can't believe it!!! Today is actually the day it's happening! It's 6:30 now and our alarm was set to go at 7:15. I can't possibly go back to sleep now! I'm much too excited!!! So, to blow off some steam, I figured I'd blog a bit and tell you what's on my mind. I probably won't get the chance again until much later today, or even tomorrow...

So I'm visiting New College today! I've looked forward to this day for soooo long! I don't know why, but I've built this thing up and up in my mind that it's going to be my best day ever, and I know full well that I'm just going to go on a 3-hour drive with my folks, see the campus, sit in on a sociology class (which I have no clue about, but am eager to learn about what it means. Annette's taking religion), take an informational tour, explore the area, meet up with a friend's sister who works at the library there and attends New College, and then drive home. That's all!

Yeah, right. I can't help myself. I'm so incredibly excited that I half woke myself up at 6:00 and I thought the alarm was at 6:15, so I sat tight, wanting to wait for the music alarm to go off. I had my fingers in my ears, heart pumping, waiting, waiting... but nothing. Finally I went to see what was wrong with the stupid clock. I saw my sister was out of bed. She's way excited too, I think, though not as much as I believe I am. ^,^ I thought maybe she'd turned the alarm off before it even went on or something, but then I saw that I was an hour too early!

S0, here I am. I'm all dressed, I still need to brush my teeth, and I'm completely revved up for today! Yesterday, my darling Aunt Lisa (who lives on the other side of the country from me, in Cali) called my sister and me up to wish us... not good luck, per se, but just telling us that she was super excited for us as well and that she loved us and was proud of us. I always love hearing from her. She's the best.

(^,~ XOXOXO ^,~)

I feel ultra-prepared. We've got a picnic for the road. Our digital camera is totally charged and empty, as well as our dad's new Flip camera. I hope to take a lot of pics! And Annette and I are taking notebooks with us, so we can write about the trip and compare notes in our different classes. You know, I'm really excited for that. I didn't even give much thought to that part of the day until Annette brought it up just last night. We're going to be sitting in on a college class! With college-age students! I don't know, it just blows my mind, really...

Well, that's pretty much all I have to say. Just another quarter of an hour now!!! Then I'll wake my parents up, we'll have breakfast, we'll get everything together, and then we'll be off! Wish me luck! Well... maybe not luck. I'm not doing anything big, like an SAT test or something. But wish me... ya know, support and stuff.

No matter what, I feel it in my guts that I'm going to like this day. Even without pictures or notes, I'm going to remember May 7, 2009. I just know it...

More updates later!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Me oh my... It's MAY!!!

Man oh man, I am so excited! The month I have been looking forward to the very most has finally arrived. It's funny. Yesterday, if I'd had the time to blog, I would've tried making use of the phrase, "May-day, May-day!" You know, because it was the first day of May? Ah, forget it...

Down here are all the reasons that I am super excited for May:
  • Tonight is the premiere of Jonas, the Jo Bros new television show. As most of you should know, I love the Jonas brothers! I've already seen a sneak peek of the show, with their theme song and stuff, and the show looks like it's totally going to rock! This is saying something, because I don't really care for many of the Disney Channel shows shown these days. Plus, besides the music, I didn't really like Camp Rock, despite the fact that the movie featured the Jonas brothers. But I'm convinced that I'll like Jonas!
  • Tomorrow, May 3rd, I'll be performing in the improv show that all my Thursday classes were leading up to. To tell you the truth, I'm not exactly looking forward to this, because my improvisation skills haven't really improved, per se. Like, I don't think I'm ready for it, and scared that I'll make a fool of myself. But in our last class, the teacher, Robin, reassured us that the show is nothing. The class was all about having fun and learning how to do improv. That's it. Well, I guess everyone had fun alright... goofing off most of the time! I hate that. But I suppose it's a good thing that it's tomorrow, because then it'll be over quickly.
  • Um, this probably doesn't have much significance, but May 6th is the date that is centered upon in the plot of James Dashner's Journal of Curious Letters, so I thought that was pretty cool. Like, that's the Big Day, where Tick does his silly song and dance ritual that the twelve clues told him to do. I just thought it should be, like, a Dashner Day or something. I wonder if James himself is aware of that?
  • May 7th, the day I'm FINALLY going to get a tour of New College up in Sarasota! Yesterday Annette and I got a letter in the mail, giving us information about the tour and the school and the restaurants and attractions in the area. Sounds like so much fun! Sarasota is 3 hours from where I live, so I figure we're going to make a whole day trip of this thing. Annette and I will even get to sit in on a class! The only two choices are Religion or Sociology. I don't know whether we'll retain anything from either of these classes, but Annette wants to sit in on Religion while I'd like to "learn" about Sociology. Maybe we should seperate, cover more ground or something, get different experiences? I would really like to be with my twin sister a lot of the time, but I imagine it would be fun taking different classes, meeting different people. I just simply can't wait!
  • Jacoby Nielsen, writer of the blog Ditto's Pad, has promised to put up this 100-clue game that will take us all over the internet and sounds like a lot of fun. He hasn't talked about it a lot recently, but I haven't forgotten about it. (Sorry, my memory is like an elephant's. ^,^) He is either going to release it on May 8th, which is his 1 year anniversary of blogging, or May 23, his birthday and the day school gets out. I definitely look forward to when school is over, so that my friends will hopefully have more time to talk and stuff. Anyway, good luck with the 100 clues, J.N. ^,~
  • May 10th, which is Mother's Day. ^,^ I don't know what I'll do for my mom yet, but I know that I should start thinking about how to make a good card for her. If you haven't heard, my sister and I are expert homemade greeting card makers. Whatever. I'm sure we'll come up with a plan for her soon.
  • The day Pendragon # 10: Soldiers of Halla comes out in bookstores, which is May 12th! I'm definitely psyched for that book to become available, because I love the series a lot! I would like to finish that Before the War trilogy before then. I wonder if I should buy the book the day it comes out, or wait like I always do for it to come in my library? Because I know that that can possibly take forever. But I don't like buying books because after I read it once, I don't think I would have the need to pick it up again, because I know the story. Maybe I should simply read it whenever I go to Borders or something. If it's even there.
So many awesome things to look forward to this month. Unfortunately, this means I'll have to be very patient! My calendar quote, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, says "Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience." Ha. Easier said than done!

Ciao for now!