Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Another diamond

Here's another poem that is in a similar format to the previous one, only longer. :P
1- It's
2- Not easy
3- To come up
4- With a good idea.
5- But who said it was?
6- No one becomes successful overnight, right?
7- It takes practice, and lots of work.
8- Making a song, writing a story, or inventing something
9- Is a wonderful dream for creative individuals to have.
10- That doesn't mean it's going to be fun and games.
11- It's hard to be original, not to mention challenging to compete
12- Especially with the many great minds that have all come before you.
13- With so much content out there, the garbage as well as the masterpieces,
14- Not to mention all the critics, trolls and haters, waiting to tear you down,
15- How does one even begin to express themselves in a way that's never been done?
15- Well, maybe you won't be completely original in your creative endeavors, but hey, it's okay.
14- After all, every new idea that came into reality was based on old ideas.
13- You can start being creative by taking existing things and changing them slightly,
12- Or even by taking a few things at once and combining them.
11- That's what all artists do, in the end. Real artists steal.
10- Changing something is much easier than creating from thin air.
9- There really is absolutely nothing new under the sun
8- When you sit down and think about it
7- But that is not a bad thing.
6- Stand on the shoulders of giants.
5- Can't promise you'll make it,
4- But you won't know
3- If you don't
2- Ever even
1- Try

A diamond poem

I decided to write a poem in an interesting format... Maybe I'll think of more...
1- I
2- Don't know
3- What I'm doing.
4- What's wrong with me?
5- I'm so lazy, directionless, bored,
6- Stuck in a block of creativity.
7- I need to be doing something else,
8- Something different and new with myself. But what?
9- How do I get myself to change my ways?
10- Somehow I must motivate and inspire myself, and get encouraged
10- To think outside the box and draw outside the lines,
9- Look at things from new perspectives and new angles.
8- At the same time, I need some order
7- Some rules with which to play by.
6- If only I had an idea
5- Of what I could do.
4- Where do I start?
3- I have to
2- make it
1- good.