Saturday, July 31, 2010

Comments, please!

Well, looks like we're at the end of another month. I don't know who the "we" is, at this point, because I don't know who's still reading this, besides me, and maybe my family. I've done a little calculating this morning, and it appears that comments on my blog have come to an all-time low. Well, actually last month was the all-time low. This month, July, was the second lowest month for this blog and comments.

The point is, where have all my friends gone? Are you there? ECHO! *Echo. echo. echo.* Because I can't know you're there if you don't comment! Please, make some noise here! I comment you when you guys post on your blog, don't I? Well, if you guys blog at all... This summer has been very slow for blogging, in general, it seems to me. I know I'm not alone in this...

But if you read my blog, and you LIKE it/ think there's something I should do to make my blog a little more fun for you, my reader, to read (such as holding contests, riting mispellt wurds end Grammer, whatever), and you feel like letting me KNOW about it, you know what to do. (But if you need help, there's a link at the bottom of every post that says comments. Usually the word is proceeded by a zero, but if you comment, you can turn it to a one. And you'll make me quite happy. ^_^) Peace out!

Oh, and please don't forget to check out my other blogs, Bettina's Book Blog and Maggie's Poetry Corner, (2 blogs that receive very little attention, if comments are anything to go by), and (PLEASE!) comment one of my posts.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dutchie is safe! ^_^

Yes! That sweet stray grey-striped female kitten was found! Turns out that the guy next door had taken her in last Saturday, and today he was finally able to get a hold of the owner. Luckily our family decided to take a walk just as Dutchie was being loaded in a van so she could go home. Now we don't have to worry about her anymore. ^_^

I kind of wish we'd been the ones to find her and bring her back to her family. But as long as she's safe, I'm happy. I hope, sometime in the future, that I'll have my own kitty, and that it'll be just as sweet as Dutchie was.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Filming + Dutchie

July 24th's filming for Life in a Day, I think, was a big success. We've kind of been putting off submitting our footage, but today we put one of them up. There's a whole form involved, what your clip is about, what takes place in it, and so forth. But we will definitely be submitting more in the near future.

I sure hope other people have participated in this awesome project. If you did, you now have less than a week in which to submit your efforts.

Sadly, the kitten who visited us 2 nights in a row hasn't been seen around here since. Coincidentally, I've started to notice fliers taped to stop signs asking about a missing grey, striped cat. It looks exactly like the kitty who followed us home. Apparently her name is Dutchie. So we've been walking the same way around the neighborhood and leaving butter near the door (though I've been told we should stop doing that, because it's kind of a waste of butter 0,o), but we haven't been able to find the precious Dutchie anywhere. ~,~ I wish we could've seen the posters a lot sooner. Well, hopefully she's been taken in by someone else and she'll be returned to the owner. Maybe we'll call Dutchie's owner and find out if she's been found. Then I can stop worrying about her.

In other news, we've pretty much finished up digitizing the home movies of when Annette, Adam and I were little ones, and now we've moved on to our parents old videos! ^_^ SO cute! It seems like the videos have classical music set to them, like in silent films, so unfortunately we don't know what our parents sounded like as kids. But they sure look adorable.

We've just recently come home from the library. I've recently gotten interested in Jim Henson, so I picked up a couple of books that are related to him. I'm sure you'll hear all about it in my book blog soon enough. In fact, I wrote a review for a book about Jim Henson just recently. Check it out.

Ciao for now! ^_~

Friday, July 23, 2010

She came back!

You won't believe it! The cat that followed us home last night showed up again at our doorstep tonight! I was so happy to see it again. ^_^ (By the way, I was able to pick the cat up again, and I think it's a she.) Don't ask me why this cat wants to hang around us. I mean, I love cats, and no one in my family's allergic to cats, but there's no way we can keep her, for loads of reasons. We already have birds (Sasha and Sammy), cats aren't vegetarians, and anyway we'll be travelling to Boston in a couple weeks, so it's no time to adopt a new pet. Still, it was a very pleasant surprise to see the grey stray again.

Our dad used to have cats when he was younger. He suggested giving her a little butter to eat. She loved it. ^_^ Good thing too, since it was about the only thing we could offer her. Thus far, I've been calling her Kitty. A pretty safe name to use, I think. I really hope that she'll come back so she can be included in our Life-in-a-Day footage tomorrow. I'm really excited for that.

I'll post pictures of Kitty later. Peace out!


Thursday, July 22, 2010


While my family and I were walking in our neighborhood tonight, a cat followed us home! I don't know why, but a stray grey striped cat with no collar or ID tags decided to walk alongside us/ behind us all the way to our house. It was so cute! It had a long, bushy tail that reminded me of a squirrel's. ^_^ The only pets I've had in my life are rodents and birds. Never had a cat before. And I wanted to have it so bad!

For some reason, the cat seemed to be panting. It almost sounded like a dog, or like it was laughing in a raspy, wheezy sort of way. I'm not sure what that meant, but it sure acted friendly-like. When we got home, it climbed on top of the cars! So funny. ^_^ I talked absent-mindedly to the cat, and it nuzzled my head a little bit. We tried to give it water, since it must have been dehydrated or something, with all the panting, but it didn't drink any. 0,o

I don't know if I was being too bold, but I was actually able to pick the cat up, and it didn't mind at all! ^_^ Such a sweety! Of course, since it's a stray, and since we have birds in the house, we couldn't take it inside with us. Eventually I got tired of playing with the kitty, so I came back inside. When I went back outside a few minutes later, just because I was curious and wanted to check on it, I couldn't find it anywhere.

I don't know where it went now, but I hope to see the cat again. Maybe tomorrow, or next time we walk down the same street...

I miss the kitty. ~,~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life in a Day

I don't know whether you are aware of this or not, but YouTube is holding a big event that EVERYONE can be a part of. Come July 24, 2010, this approaching Saturday, you can whip out your digital camera and record a single moment or multiple moments of your day. There are no age limits or time limits, and what you film can be as creative or as boring as possible. You can capture something special or something completely ordinary in your life.

My siblings and I are most certainly going to contribute to this project, and I highly recommend that you do too. Who knows? Maybe when January 2011 comes along, you'll be surprised to see that they decided to use your footage!

Below are a few basic guidelines and tips for how to go about your filming and taking part on July 24th. (Click the pictures to make them bigger.)

If you'd like to find out more information, visit Life in a Day's YouTube channel.

Funny Bird!

When my mom and brother went grocery shopping at our farmers market this morning, I didn't expect Adam to come home with this crazy thing.

Isn't he adorable? ^_^ I fell in love with this bird puppet instantly. He's neon orange, has big red eyes, and when you open and close his long, banana-sized beak, he makes a hilarious beeping noise.

We have yet to come up with a name for this strange, exotic, cute beeping bird (I'm leaning towards Beeper, though that seems a bit too obvious), but my siblings and I are very excited about this new toy. Recently we've gotten interested in Jim Henson, visionary creator of the Muppets, so it's really funny that this little guy came along. Already I can imagine the videos we can take and put on YouTube of us interacting with this character...
Thank you, Adam!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


The concert at the Hard Rock Thursday night really rocked the house! Well, what else do you expect when it's Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band we're talking about here? ^_^ Totally awesome experience. It's unbelievable that I've been in the presence of 2 famous people within a week of each other. (First Julie Andrews, and now my favorite Beatle! Of course, I didn't get to personally meet Ringo, but it's enough to see him in person, belting out my old favorites even at 70+ years. ^_^)

My family and I had quite a night. First we showed up at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino about an hour early, and close to the venue was a booth where these guys were letting people play Beatles Rock Band for free! That was so much fun! My siblings and I all got a chance to play guitar, drum and sing Beatles songs while people passed us by. We also watched other people try some songs out. I am always impressed when I watch someone playing Expert level on the guitar. (How do they do it?! 0,o)

We came in slightly late, and we were seated really high up, but that didn't make the experience any less amazing. Ringo was just great. I loved it when he sang "Yellow Submarine". That song always takes me back, because I watched the cartoon film all the time when I was younger. He also sang a couple songs I've never heard before, "The Other Side of Liverpool" and "Peace Dream." They sounded really good in concert, especially "Peace Dream." John Lennon is mentioned in the lyrics. ^_^ A highlight is when they handed out these cool white bracelets that said Peace and Love.

After the concert was over, my family and I got some ice-cream at Ben and Jerry's, which was really tasty and made the night all the more memorable. Now I can say that I was in the same room as a Beatle. ^_^

Edit: Here are some cool pictures of the Ringo concert!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

200? NO! Really? Whoa! 0,o

No one else will probably make a very big deal about this, but hey, this is MY blog. It's a big deal for me, personally. ^___^

200 posts in this blog. Can you believe it??? I can't.

Well then, how can I make this particular post special for you guys? Hmm... I know! ^_^
Update time:
I don't often make those Top 10 lists that people such as James Dashner makes, but I think it would be a good idea to do that now. At least a Top 5 list.
  1. Has anyone noticed how quickly 2010 is flying past us? Half the year is gone already. I never want it to end. I think 2010 has been, for me, the best year ever. ^_^ It's been amazing. I've met famous people, I've gone to Israel, I helped put up an awesome website, and I've been blogging for a good year and a half.

  2. Having said that, I have to admit that I feel slightly disappointed by my fellow bloggers. It must be because it's Summer now, but most of you guys haven't posted anything new in weeks! Only a couple of my friends, like Jacoby and Graham, are bothering to update their blogs these days. I wish I knew what the rest of you were up to. ~_~

  3. Speaking of Summer, my family and I are once again making plans to go up to Boston to fix up and rent out the apartment we own there. I'm looking forward to going back there. It's kind of funny, because last year, in 2009, my sister and I went to Boston twice and my Mom, Dad and brother went once, and this year, while my twin and I were in Israel, my family hung around Boston for a bit, so it'll be their 2nd time and our 1st. ^_^ (Sorry if you feel a bit confused. It makes sense to us.) I think we'll be going in August, so you don't need to miss me yet.

  4. Oh my gosh. I just realized that next month is August. That means the month after that is September! Good God, I'm going to be 19 in several weeks! Unbelievable. ^__^

  5. I'm not very clear on the details right now, but I believe we're going to a Ringo Starr concert tonight, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, so I'm very excited for that. ^_^ My parents say that when I was a baby they took me to a Paul concert, but I wasn't old enough to actually appreciate what that meant. Now I am. Ringo is my favorite Beatle, I think. Though McCartney is awesome too. ^_^
Hmm, I can't really think of anything else to say about myself... Well, when I wrote my 100th post, I remember being thankful for all the friends I've met here. Maybe I'll expand on that a little bit. Really show my appreciation for you guys. ^_~
  • Jacoby: You will always belong on the top of this list. You've been my friend from the very beginning of this blog. But our friendship has gone way beyond that of 2 random bloggers with a few things in common. You are a unique person, the sunshine of my life. Sometimes I take this connection of ours for granted, and I miss you when you don't have internet, and I worry that you've forgotten about me. ~,~ But to this day, whenever you write a new blog postor send me an email, you instantly put me in a good mood. It never fails. I love reading anything you have to say, even if it's been ages since the previous communication. I dream of the day that we can finally meet each other in person. Until then... talk to you later. ^_~

  • Brian: You haven't blogged or commented in the longest time, like since February. I don't know what's happened to you, but I appreciate how in the early days you were one of my good friends. Long live BBQ.
  • Q: Same to you, except you at least blogged a couple weeks ago. Such a quirky gal (is that what Q stands for?), I've always enjoyed the constructive criticism you've offered for the good of my writing. I hope everything's well with you, and long live BBQ. ^_~

  • Rani: Since I've known you, you always have such nice things to say. You're one of the few people who still semi-regularly comment on my posts, and I appreciate that very much. Hopefully you're doing fine in Alabama, getting settled into your new life. It's been 4 weeks since your "ghost" arrived there, so I hope you'll blog again very soon. You write awesome poetry, you're a vegetarian, we share taste in books and movies, and you've been a good friend. Thank you very much.

  • Dave: It's definitely been a long time since I heard from you or your family. The last book review you posted was back in May. Hopefully everything's going well with you. I appreciate all the emails you wrote me and how much we kept in touch in the past. You probably don't read this blog anymore, but thanks for being friends with me.

  • Graham: You are a hero to me, man. ^_^ I'm serious. You have amazing potential as an author, and I dearly hope you get published someday. You more than anyone would deserve it. You've allowed me to read a couple of your works in progress, like Sidewinder, Lunaratus, and Ghost Machines, which are totally awesome stories. You have a really quirky sense of humor in your book and blog writing that I happen to like very much. Just like me, you manage to keep up a regular blog and a book review blog, both of which I keep constant tabs on. Thanks for turning me on to some great books out there that I never would have considered if not for you. Oh, and everyone, please look into entering one of his Prompt Impromptu contests sometime soon.

  • And of course, this 200th post extravaganza wouldn't be complete without a shout-out to
    James Dashner: Believe it or not, you are the person who got me blogging in the first place. You have quickly become one of my favorite authors of ALL time. I'm so glad that I found your blog, followed it, and started up my own blogging journey. Your sense of humor is brilliant, and I'm positive that the 13th Reality series and the Maze Runner trilogy will stand the test of time. I will never forget your kindness to me, picking me as the winner to a contest of yours and sending me an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) of Maze Runner. It is a treasured possession. I know you must be extremely busy, writing 2 book series at a time and all, so you don't often get time to blog a lot, but know that I'll always be following you. I'll remain a loyal fan. (Hey, maybe it'll get me the ARC to the 2nd Maze book. Who knows? ^_~)
I've had other friends, but they seem to have fallen by the wayside that much more than these guys. I'm sorry about not mentioning you, but I hope all is well with you, and perhaps we'll be able to rekindle those friendships anew, in the future. It's all up to you.

One of the best ways you can become (and remain) my friend is by commenting me. Not just this blog, but also my Book Club and Poetry Corner. A lot of those posts can certainly do with some comments. If you read my blogs, I'd like to hear your opinions on my writing. I may blog mostly for myself, just like a lot of people, but I also try to blog for you guys.

If any of you read this post all the way to the bottom, YOU ARE AWESOME! ^_^ Please let me know that you made it. Give yourself a ★ in the comments below.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SAV Updates

Well, it looks like I was wrong about Serve-A-Verse pulling in 100 registered users in the first week, so I lose that bet. but we did break 100 users in the first 2 weeks. Which is pretty darn exciting. ^_^ This was with little to no promotion, mind you. Hopefully we'll get the next 100 users in a lot quicker than a fortnight...

My dad's been very busy developing new features for Serve-A-Verse that will be released at a future date, such as translating into different languages. We want this site to be used globally, so that EVERYONE can read the Bible in Hebrew, no matter what country they're from. Already we've got 8 languages on board: French, Italian Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Greek, even Arabic! Great stuff.

Annette and I are still busy punching out some of the site's kinks, but I'm glad so many people are using it and appreciating it. ^_^ If you haven't visited Serve-A-Verse yet, please do so at this link. It's perfect for you if you've ever been curious what the Bible looks like in Hebrew.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Recommended Viewing

RSA channel. Check out the videos where a guy draws out stuff while he's talking. They're quite funny, and some of them are quite deep. They really make you think.

Attractions Magazine channel: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter playlist. Some of these videos are awesome!!! There's a kid getting a wand at Ollivanders, the POV of a person riding the Flight of the Hippogriff roller-coaster, a Beaxbatons and Durmstrang show, and even a detailed tour of Hogwarts castle. (The pictures really do move! ^_^) It makes Annette, Adam and I (especially Adam) really look forward to going to that park someday in the future.

Also we saw an awesome movie tonight: Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. Man, what a storyteller Hitchcock is. I used to think he was only a horror guy and I was scared of his movies (The Birds and Psycho were my points of reference), but the more Hitchcock films I see, the more I realize how wonderful a director he is. He gets people hooked into his story, he makes the experience feel real.

Anyway, Rear Window is one of his greatest. It pretty much only takes place in one location. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


That's the famous word you're supposed to say when you don't know what to say. Especially when you've just met the person who made that very word famous.

That's right. I met the Julie Andrews! In the flesh! Mary Poppins herself. ^_^

Okay, here's the scoop: Julie Andrews recently wrote a children's book called "The Very Fairy Princess" and, for whatever reason, she decided that she would include our Borders book store on her book tour. When I heard she was coming and signing copies of her book, I was very excited at the thought of meeting her. You know me. Always leaping to get an author's signature. ^_^

There was another reason I wanted to meet dear Julie. Back in April I read her biography, Home (see the review from my Book Club), and while reading that I came upon a very interesting piece of trivia. When she was younger, like 17 years old, she performed in a pantomime adaptation of Jack in the Beanstalk, and she played a character called Princess Bettina. ^_^ Not only that, but when she bought her very first car, she christened the automobile "Bettina". True story.

Don't believe me? Here's the link that'll prove that I'm not playing with you guys.

This morning we all woke up at 7:00, because the book store opened at 8:00 and Julie would be coming at 10:00. Only 200 lucky people would be getting her autograph in a copy of "The Very Fairy Princess". There was to be no photography or movie-taking, and she wouldn't be signing anything other than the book. (Of course, we took our cameras anyway and I brought along my little notebook just in case.)

It was fun standing in line. I felt so lucky, because we were among the last 50 people to get to meet her! Imagine, if we had arrived just a couple minutes later than when we did, we would have missed a golden opportunity here.

Here's a couple pics my mom tried to take right when Julie came into the store. Sorry for the blurriness. 0,o

So yes, I met her. I even got to shake her hand. I can barely believe it! Honestly, it was just like meeting a queen! (Well, you have to admit she does play a really good queen in the movies, like in the Princess Diaries and Shrek 2 onward.) She is such a lovely lady. Polite, charming, almost regal. It was just so... surreal, meeting someone like her. I mean, my mom says that the first movies she ever saw as a girl were Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music. It was a thrill for all of us.

Now, they may have said no cameras allowed, but my mom came up with a brilliant idea. Annette would hide our Flip camcorder in her pocket and she'd simply record everything we and Andrews said. So here's the video of our minute with Julie. There isn't much to see, but all you really need to do is listen anyway.
What a lovely woman, huh? ^_^ I said I'd name my first car Julie, after her, and she said that she'd never had a car named after her before, and that I was the first Bettina she'd ever met! Plus it's amazing that even with the camera in Annette's pocket, she was able to catch a glimpse or 2 of her face! We took a couple snapshots from the video that are much better representations of her than those blurry pics up there.

Haha, it's her elbow. ^_^
Here are the best ones.

I may not have been able to get her to sign my notebook like I wanted ~,~ (she was terribly nice about it though, so I didn't mind very much. Hey, we had to keep the line moving.) But after all our waiting, we did end up with her autograph. Here it is.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to Maggie's Poetry Corner

I've spent most of the morning copying and pasting all the poems I've written on this blog, the Majik of Magenta, to this new blog, Maggie's Poetry Corner. I plan in the near future to take all the poems that I've ever written in my notebooks and post them right here.

With appropriate permission, I would also like very much to post my favorite poems that my blogger friends have written. Don't worry. You would get all the credit and I would link directly to your blog. ^_~

"I'm a poet and I know it. Have a good time with words that rhyme. ^_^"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A funny new poem

I came up with a funny poem on the way to the beach today. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and have a Happy Independence Day, by the way! ^_~

Disclaimer: Despite the subject matter of the below poem, this does not reflect my current mood in the least. I just thought that this character deserved his story to be told in poetry form. He just came to me.

Like it says in the title, it is meant to be a funny poem. Well, it's funny to me, anyway. My point is, try not to take it too seriously. These events are totally fictitious. Here it is:
The Story of the Man Who Never Finished Anything:

There once was a man by the name of Paul,
who was wiry, skinny, and not that tall
(he'd never quite finished growing up, after all.)

As a kid he had habits that were not very good.
He never finished his veggies, like a good boy should.

No one understood him, not even his folks,
He never finished a sentence whenever he spoke
(which was a problem when he tried to tell jokes.)

He never finished school, because of his quirk.
He never finished classes, or his homework.

Paul never finished movies, or even one book.
He'd start, but then never give another look.
Maybe they weren't worth the effort it took?

Never once did he finish his chores.
His parents worried more and more...

As an adult, Paul never finished one job
(which was to manufacture thingamabobs).
He was sadly replaced by a guy named Rob.

"You never finish anything!"
Said his girlfriend, Sarah King.

Little did she know, before too long,
Paul would go and prove her wrong.
(Who knew his feelings were even that strong?)

One night he didn't finish sharpening a knife,
But he did finish something: His life.

So let this be a lesson to everyone:
Finish what you start.....
I put a disclaimer up there because (with some feedback from my family) I realized, "What if people read something deeper into this, like why did I write this kind of poem when I normally write such happy stuff?

It makes me feel better about myself, I guess. I may procrastinate things, sometimes, but not when it really counts. I can actually get things done, unlike poor Paul. ~,~ And I would never leave a book or movie that I like unfinished! For me, that's unthinkable! Ha-ha. ^_~

I've never written anything that included suicide in it before. I apologize, in case you're sensitive to that sort of thing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ready to Serve

We've had 10 people register at our Serve-A-Verse site already! And just in the first day! I am so excited. Even one of my friends joined up. ^___^ He said it was awesome and linked to it on Facebook! Now all his friends might go and check it out, and then their friends will be interested, and so on and so forth...

Amazing how the power of the word of mouth works, isn't it? ^_^ My sister has also written about our site on her blog now. Wonder how many members she'll attract.

Please register and tell me what you think of Serve-A-Verse in a comment here. Maybe you can check my last post about it first, for some background info. Or maybe we can bet how many people will join up by the end of the week. If today's anything to go on, I bet we'll have 100 members by July 7th.

We have a launch!

Yesterday was an extremely exciting day for the Levy family. We have launched a website that my dad, my sister and I have been working feverishly at since the beginning of 2010 (my mom and younger brother also deserve credit for supporting us all the way). We've had some breaks (my 2-week excursion to Israel, for example), but for the most part we have been working day after day, for many hours, hammering out the bugs in the programming department and getting the design and layout of it just right.

Now we are done! We promised ourselves that we would launch the site before the end of June, and that's exactly what we did. Just a couple hours shy of midnight. ^_^ It felt very big and historical for me. Before launching we celebrated with 2 large pizzas for dinner and homemade ice-cream for dessert.

Annette and I have learned so much about programming and website building/ maintaining with this giant family project of ours. We learned computer languages that most people would probably shy away from: Perl, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, and CSS. We learned how to navigate programs like Dreamweaver, SuperEdit, and FileZilla almost effortlessly. Now we have the final result. A website that we can be proud of. May I present...

Serve-A-Verse is a web-service that my dad, Benjamin Levy, started up 10 years ago, in June of 2000. It's a unique Bible program that allows you to explore the books, chapters and verses of the Old Testament and displays the Hebrew text for you as well as English translation and transliteration (syllable-phonetics in English). You could also search specific Bible stories and quotes. We weren't setting out to teach anyone to read Hebrew. We simply wanted people to see the original language the Bible was written in.

10 years later, we decided to upgrade the entire look, feel and function of Serve-A-Verse. We gave it a more modern, clean, consistent look (CSS helped with that tremendously), gave it an official logo, and added new features to it. A fantastic example is that we have an audio player button next to each verse that plays the Hebrew in a deep, 'God-like' voice, so you know what it sounds like.

Another example is that we have 2 counters in the middle of the home page. One counts the total number of verses accessed, or "served", by all the people who have ever used our site. The other counts how many times they have clicked the button that displays the verses they selected, which we call "requests" for our service. (The numbers are so big because, if you'll recall, this site has been in use for 10 years. 0,o)

We've added tiny changes that you probably won't even notice, but it took us a long time to work out how to do them. The final result is that they make the site feel a lot more official. Like when you go in to register for the first time, there's a jumble of random letters and numbers you need to enter, just like when you enter a comment in Blogger, or use Facebook or Craigslist. This is called Captcha. There's also some placeholder text that appears in the input fields that tell you how you're supposed to enter your information (such as no dashes or parentheses in your telephone number), which saves space and just looks cool. ^_^

For a long time, just about anyone could use Serve-A-Verse. Now we've put a kind of toll-booth in front of it (don't worry, it's free ^_~), and made it so that you have to register as a member and log in first in order to use our site. Those who haven't registered shall not be able to access our service. But why wouldn't you want to register? You get to read the Bible in Hebrew. This site isn't limited to people who already know how to read Hebrew. Far from it, in fact. We want people of all ages, religions and backgrounds to use our site. If you have access to a computer (or even a hand-held device, like an iPhone or Blackberry), you can read the Bible in Hebrew.

If you'd like to check it out (and I highly recommend that you do), just go to this link, register, follow the instructions, and enjoy. Please spread the word and share the link. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you at Serve-A-Verse.