Sunday, July 4, 2010

A funny new poem

I came up with a funny poem on the way to the beach today. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and have a Happy Independence Day, by the way! ^_~

Disclaimer: Despite the subject matter of the below poem, this does not reflect my current mood in the least. I just thought that this character deserved his story to be told in poetry form. He just came to me.

Like it says in the title, it is meant to be a funny poem. Well, it's funny to me, anyway. My point is, try not to take it too seriously. These events are totally fictitious. Here it is:
The Story of the Man Who Never Finished Anything:

There once was a man by the name of Paul,
who was wiry, skinny, and not that tall
(he'd never quite finished growing up, after all.)

As a kid he had habits that were not very good.
He never finished his veggies, like a good boy should.

No one understood him, not even his folks,
He never finished a sentence whenever he spoke
(which was a problem when he tried to tell jokes.)

He never finished school, because of his quirk.
He never finished classes, or his homework.

Paul never finished movies, or even one book.
He'd start, but then never give another look.
Maybe they weren't worth the effort it took?

Never once did he finish his chores.
His parents worried more and more...

As an adult, Paul never finished one job
(which was to manufacture thingamabobs).
He was sadly replaced by a guy named Rob.

"You never finish anything!"
Said his girlfriend, Sarah King.

Little did she know, before too long,
Paul would go and prove her wrong.
(Who knew his feelings were even that strong?)

One night he didn't finish sharpening a knife,
But he did finish something: His life.

So let this be a lesson to everyone:
Finish what you start.....
I put a disclaimer up there because (with some feedback from my family) I realized, "What if people read something deeper into this, like why did I write this kind of poem when I normally write such happy stuff?

It makes me feel better about myself, I guess. I may procrastinate things, sometimes, but not when it really counts. I can actually get things done, unlike poor Paul. ~,~ And I would never leave a book or movie that I like unfinished! For me, that's unthinkable! Ha-ha. ^_~

I've never written anything that included suicide in it before. I apologize, in case you're sensitive to that sort of thing.

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