Monday, July 26, 2010

Filming + Dutchie

July 24th's filming for Life in a Day, I think, was a big success. We've kind of been putting off submitting our footage, but today we put one of them up. There's a whole form involved, what your clip is about, what takes place in it, and so forth. But we will definitely be submitting more in the near future.

I sure hope other people have participated in this awesome project. If you did, you now have less than a week in which to submit your efforts.

Sadly, the kitten who visited us 2 nights in a row hasn't been seen around here since. Coincidentally, I've started to notice fliers taped to stop signs asking about a missing grey, striped cat. It looks exactly like the kitty who followed us home. Apparently her name is Dutchie. So we've been walking the same way around the neighborhood and leaving butter near the door (though I've been told we should stop doing that, because it's kind of a waste of butter 0,o), but we haven't been able to find the precious Dutchie anywhere. ~,~ I wish we could've seen the posters a lot sooner. Well, hopefully she's been taken in by someone else and she'll be returned to the owner. Maybe we'll call Dutchie's owner and find out if she's been found. Then I can stop worrying about her.

In other news, we've pretty much finished up digitizing the home movies of when Annette, Adam and I were little ones, and now we've moved on to our parents old videos! ^_^ SO cute! It seems like the videos have classical music set to them, like in silent films, so unfortunately we don't know what our parents sounded like as kids. But they sure look adorable.

We've just recently come home from the library. I've recently gotten interested in Jim Henson, so I picked up a couple of books that are related to him. I'm sure you'll hear all about it in my book blog soon enough. In fact, I wrote a review for a book about Jim Henson just recently. Check it out.

Ciao for now! ^_~

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