Monday, July 12, 2010

Recommended Viewing

RSA channel. Check out the videos where a guy draws out stuff while he's talking. They're quite funny, and some of them are quite deep. They really make you think.

Attractions Magazine channel: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter playlist. Some of these videos are awesome!!! There's a kid getting a wand at Ollivanders, the POV of a person riding the Flight of the Hippogriff roller-coaster, a Beaxbatons and Durmstrang show, and even a detailed tour of Hogwarts castle. (The pictures really do move! ^_^) It makes Annette, Adam and I (especially Adam) really look forward to going to that park someday in the future.

Also we saw an awesome movie tonight: Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. Man, what a storyteller Hitchcock is. I used to think he was only a horror guy and I was scared of his movies (The Birds and Psycho were my points of reference), but the more Hitchcock films I see, the more I realize how wonderful a director he is. He gets people hooked into his story, he makes the experience feel real.

Anyway, Rear Window is one of his greatest. It pretty much only takes place in one location. I highly recommend it.

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