Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SAV Updates

Well, it looks like I was wrong about Serve-A-Verse pulling in 100 registered users in the first week, so I lose that bet. but we did break 100 users in the first 2 weeks. Which is pretty darn exciting. ^_^ This was with little to no promotion, mind you. Hopefully we'll get the next 100 users in a lot quicker than a fortnight...

My dad's been very busy developing new features for Serve-A-Verse that will be released at a future date, such as translating into different languages. We want this site to be used globally, so that EVERYONE can read the Bible in Hebrew, no matter what country they're from. Already we've got 8 languages on board: French, Italian Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Greek, even Arabic! Great stuff.

Annette and I are still busy punching out some of the site's kinks, but I'm glad so many people are using it and appreciating it. ^_^ If you haven't visited Serve-A-Verse yet, please do so at this link. It's perfect for you if you've ever been curious what the Bible looks like in Hebrew.

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