Friday, July 23, 2010

She came back!

You won't believe it! The cat that followed us home last night showed up again at our doorstep tonight! I was so happy to see it again. ^_^ (By the way, I was able to pick the cat up again, and I think it's a she.) Don't ask me why this cat wants to hang around us. I mean, I love cats, and no one in my family's allergic to cats, but there's no way we can keep her, for loads of reasons. We already have birds (Sasha and Sammy), cats aren't vegetarians, and anyway we'll be travelling to Boston in a couple weeks, so it's no time to adopt a new pet. Still, it was a very pleasant surprise to see the grey stray again.

Our dad used to have cats when he was younger. He suggested giving her a little butter to eat. She loved it. ^_^ Good thing too, since it was about the only thing we could offer her. Thus far, I've been calling her Kitty. A pretty safe name to use, I think. I really hope that she'll come back so she can be included in our Life-in-a-Day footage tomorrow. I'm really excited for that.

I'll post pictures of Kitty later. Peace out!


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