Saturday, July 17, 2010


The concert at the Hard Rock Thursday night really rocked the house! Well, what else do you expect when it's Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band we're talking about here? ^_^ Totally awesome experience. It's unbelievable that I've been in the presence of 2 famous people within a week of each other. (First Julie Andrews, and now my favorite Beatle! Of course, I didn't get to personally meet Ringo, but it's enough to see him in person, belting out my old favorites even at 70+ years. ^_^)

My family and I had quite a night. First we showed up at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino about an hour early, and close to the venue was a booth where these guys were letting people play Beatles Rock Band for free! That was so much fun! My siblings and I all got a chance to play guitar, drum and sing Beatles songs while people passed us by. We also watched other people try some songs out. I am always impressed when I watch someone playing Expert level on the guitar. (How do they do it?! 0,o)

We came in slightly late, and we were seated really high up, but that didn't make the experience any less amazing. Ringo was just great. I loved it when he sang "Yellow Submarine". That song always takes me back, because I watched the cartoon film all the time when I was younger. He also sang a couple songs I've never heard before, "The Other Side of Liverpool" and "Peace Dream." They sounded really good in concert, especially "Peace Dream." John Lennon is mentioned in the lyrics. ^_^ A highlight is when they handed out these cool white bracelets that said Peace and Love.

After the concert was over, my family and I got some ice-cream at Ben and Jerry's, which was really tasty and made the night all the more memorable. Now I can say that I was in the same room as a Beatle. ^_^

Edit: Here are some cool pictures of the Ringo concert!

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