Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ready to Serve

We've had 10 people register at our Serve-A-Verse site already! And just in the first day! I am so excited. Even one of my friends joined up. ^___^ He said it was awesome and linked to it on Facebook! Now all his friends might go and check it out, and then their friends will be interested, and so on and so forth...

Amazing how the power of the word of mouth works, isn't it? ^_^ My sister has also written about our site on her blog now. Wonder how many members she'll attract.

Please register and tell me what you think of Serve-A-Verse in a comment here. Maybe you can check my last post about it first, for some background info. Or maybe we can bet how many people will join up by the end of the week. If today's anything to go on, I bet we'll have 100 members by July 7th.

1 comment:

Rainy said...

Not really a website for me, but it looks cool all the same. I hope you guys get lots and lots and lots of members!