Thursday, July 22, 2010


While my family and I were walking in our neighborhood tonight, a cat followed us home! I don't know why, but a stray grey striped cat with no collar or ID tags decided to walk alongside us/ behind us all the way to our house. It was so cute! It had a long, bushy tail that reminded me of a squirrel's. ^_^ The only pets I've had in my life are rodents and birds. Never had a cat before. And I wanted to have it so bad!

For some reason, the cat seemed to be panting. It almost sounded like a dog, or like it was laughing in a raspy, wheezy sort of way. I'm not sure what that meant, but it sure acted friendly-like. When we got home, it climbed on top of the cars! So funny. ^_^ I talked absent-mindedly to the cat, and it nuzzled my head a little bit. We tried to give it water, since it must have been dehydrated or something, with all the panting, but it didn't drink any. 0,o

I don't know if I was being too bold, but I was actually able to pick the cat up, and it didn't mind at all! ^_^ Such a sweety! Of course, since it's a stray, and since we have birds in the house, we couldn't take it inside with us. Eventually I got tired of playing with the kitty, so I came back inside. When I went back outside a few minutes later, just because I was curious and wanted to check on it, I couldn't find it anywhere.

I don't know where it went now, but I hope to see the cat again. Maybe tomorrow, or next time we walk down the same street...

I miss the kitty. ~,~

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Silvergal said...

you are such an animal lover...