Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A diamond poem

I decided to write a poem in an interesting format... Maybe I'll think of more...
1- I
2- Don't know
3- What I'm doing.
4- What's wrong with me?
5- I'm so lazy, directionless, bored,
6- Stuck in a block of creativity.
7- I need to be doing something else,
8- Something different and new with myself. But what?
9- How do I get myself to change my ways?
10- Somehow I must motivate and inspire myself, and get encouraged
10- To think outside the box and draw outside the lines,
9- Look at things from new perspectives and new angles.
8- At the same time, I need some order
7- Some rules with which to play by.
6- If only I had an idea
5- Of what I could do.
4- Where do I start?
3- I have to
2- make it
1- good.

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