Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crystal Gem rap battle

So I got inspired to write something today, thanks in part to the return of one of my favorite cartoon shows ever, "Steven Universe" (watch them all online here: and the following awesome rap battle videos:

I decided to put these two things together and come up with my own fictional character rap battle! Hope you like it. ^,^

Hello, I'm Garnet. I may not say much
But if you're a threat, I can pack a punch
I'm flaunting my gauntlets, better give up now or
You'll leave me no choice but to use my gem power
I'll pound you to the ground, knock you into next year
I protect my friends and I don't know fear
I'm fierce, I'm fast, you'll never know what hit ya
I've got a third eye that sees into the future
So I know how it goes, you lose and I win
This battle is over before it even begins.
Oh no, you didn't! There's something you missed!
When it comes to rap battles, the queen is Amethyst!
I'm messy, but you don't wanna mess with me
The best rhymes are mine, you just wait and see
I'm crazy, ladies! There is no escape!
I'm a wild child, honey, Imma whip you into shape!
This purple puma's on the prowl tonight
Don't tease me 'bout my height because I'll put up a fight
I've got an appetite for food and fun
I think it's clear to see that this battle is done
Now wait just a minute, you take that back!
I didn't want to do this, but it's my turn to attack
I am Pearl, the girl who's gonna rock your world
With my smooth sword fighting and a ballerina twirl
I'm filled to the gills with skills you don't even know
But if you want to throw down then I'll give you a show
I'm slender, I'm sweet and I'm shaped like a fairy
Don't let my looks fool you, my moves are legendary!
Are you scared? I don't care, this is such a waste of time
It's clear to see I'm the one with the best rhymes
Not even! It's Steven who has the funky flow
You gems may be cool, but this is my show!
I may be just a kid, but I kid you not
Part human, part Crystal Gym, I think I've got a shot
I'm not much of a fighter, but when push comes to shove
You know I'll be there to protect the ones I love
It's very plain to see that I rule Beach City
I know everyone's name and I'm clever and witty
So bow down to me, cuz I'm the king of the verse
Better hand the crown over to Steven Universe!

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Christyr Belacqua said...

I don't really know this show, but I do like the rhymes ^_^ awesome job!