Sunday, March 1, 2015

The (new!) Story of the Man Who Didn't Finish Anything

So I published a poem years ago that to some seemed a tad depressing. This weekend I rewrote it so that ending was a little happier, but the message is still the same. Hope you enjoy it! ^_^
(The asterisks * indicate where I wrote new lines.)

Original, from July 2010:

There once was a man by the name of Paul
who was wiry, skinny, and not that tall
(he'd never quite finished growing up, after all.)

As a kid he had habits that were not very good
Never finished his veggies, like good boys should

No one understood him, not even his folks
Never finished a sentence whenever he spoke
(which was a problem when he tried to tell jokes.)

He never finished school, because of his quirk
He never finished classes, or his homework

Paul never finished movies, or even one book
He'd start, but then never give another look
Maybe they weren't worth the effort it took?

Never once did he finish his chores
His parents worried more and more...

*They made him join a group called the P. A.
*Procrastinators Anonymous, a.k.a
*Unfortunately meetings were always delayed

*Paul couldn't see why everyone fussed
*He didn't finish his sandwich, leaving the crust

As an adult, he never finished one job
(which was to manufacture thingamabobs)
He was sadly replaced by a guy named Rob

"You never finish anything!"
Said his girlfriend, Sarah King

*Paul tried to deny it and start a fight
*But before he could finish, he knew she was right
*He thought about her words all through the night

*The very next day, he made a plan
*To finally become a finished man

*Paul promised Sarah that before too long
He would go and prove her wrong
(Who knew his feelings were even that strong?)

*He decided to go back and finish school
*So his girlfriend would know that he was no fool

*After a few years, he earned his degree
*His parents cheered and wept with glee
*Sarah was as proud of him as she could be

*He wanted to finish other things
*Paul decided to spread his wings

*He began to write his story, so he could share
*with the world how, with much work and care
*Anyone could do what he did, if they dared

*He's not finished yet, but he will be soon
*It's due to come out sometime in mid-June

So let this be a lesson to everyone:
Finish what you start.....

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