Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The World of Monopoly

I am very proud to say (especially after feeling the way I did in my last post) that I wrote a poem yesterday! Annette helped me a little bit, but I feel so good to have written something new!

I don't know how it came up, but while my family was having lunch, one of us were trying to remember all the spaces around the Monopoly board. We know all the color blocks (purple, grey-blue, magenta, orange, red, yellow, green and blue), but the individual names and locations of deeds and railroads and Chance/Community Chest was harder to recall.

So, for no reason at all, I decided to write a poem about it! I felt like giving it a somewhat Dr. Seuss tone and rhythm. I think this could make a really fun children's book someday, with colorful pictures and characters and everything!

Without further ado, here is my poem! XD
Do you want adventure? You want to have fun?
You want to learn something to impress everyone?
Well fly around the board and you will see
All the places to land in Monopoly

"Mediterranean Ave" is right after Go
Impossible to get on the first dice throw
Since of course you play with 2 dice, you know!
(In Britain however, it's Old Kent Road)

Afterwards, Community Chest
Then Baltic Ave (or Whitechapel) next
On Income Tax you must pay out
200 bucks or 10 percent your amount

First railroad is Reading, or Kings Cross
The train Harry takes to reach Hogwarts!
Oriental Ave or Angel Islington
Then comes Chance, you might just win

Vermont Ave or Euston Road, either one is fine
Connecticut Ave or Pentonville, suddenly you find
You've gone to jail! Tough luck, how sad. Oh wait, it's just a visit?
Continue on your merry way. That isn't so bad, is it?

Next St. Charles Place, also Pall Mall
Then Electric Company and that's not all
You see States Avenue (or Whitehall)
Having fun yet? I'm having a ball!

Virginia or Northumberland Ave
The last Magenta space you'll have
Pennsylvania Railroad or Mary-le-bone Station
Keep an eye out for your next destination

Which is St. James Place or Bow Street
Then Community Chest number 2, how neat
Tennessee Ave or Marlborough
Is the second orange place you'll go

New York Ave or a Street called Vine
Then Free Parking's next in line
Kentucky Ave (in Britain The Strand)
Chance is the very next place you'll land

Indiana Ave or Sweeney's Fleet Street
Red like the blood in Lovett's meat
Illinois Ave or Trafalgar Square
B&O Railroad (Fenchurch St. Station there)

Atlantic Avenue or Leicester Square
Two squares in a row? What a mighty fine pair
Next is Ventnor or Coventry Street
Turn on Waterworks if you can't stand the heat

Marvin Gardens or Piccadilly
The cop whistles stop. Oh come on, really?
I can't go to jail. I'm almost done
Alright, I'll let you off with a warning, son

Pacific Ave or Regent Street
North Carolina, (Oxford, sweet!)
Here's the last Community Chest
Quickly now let's finish the rest

Pennsylvania Ave or a street called Bond
Double-oh-7 urges you on
to Short Line Railroad or Liverpool Street
Buy all 4 stations and you can't be beat

Now's your last Chance to be a fat cat
Park Place or Park Lane is where it's at
Luxury Tax is a small price to pay there
If you can afford Boardwalk or Mayfair

Then you're back on Go where you began
Well what do you know? That sure was grand
So whether you're a dog, a shoe or a car
Or a ship or a hat, you'll go very far
Around that board again and again
Good luck kid, hope you win in the end!

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