Monday, May 18, 2009

My awesome, AWESOME day!

I'm writing this post at the library. I have about thirty minutes left in my session, so I'll probably have to finish it at home later. Still, I want to write as much as I can here.

Yesterday was a better day than I had any right to expect. Which is why I think I was pleasantly surprised to see everything turn out right. Exactly the opposite of how I'm normally like.

If you guys read my book blog a while ago (here's the link if you didn't. Look near the bottom), you'll remember that I talked about wanting to go to Borders to meet Rick Riordan. The guy who wrote the Olympian series? Well, yesterday morning I was really torn between wanting to go to the event and going to the beach like we normally do. Why would I want to miss such a grand opportunity, you ask? Well, presently I remembered that I was the only one in the family who has bothered to read any of Riordan's books, so I was the only one who cared about it. It would have been different if my sister had read at least of his novels, but she hadn't.

So I was having this inner battle with myself of "should I... should I not?" when my mom (I'd excitedly told her about the event when I'd heard about it) reminded me about it and asked whether I really wanted to go. I did, but I didn't altogether feel like it would be a worth-while venture. Still, she told my dad about it, and they felt really supportive of me and were more than happy to drive Annette and me to the book store. It was decided that we twins would hang at the bookstore, have our own day and take the bus home while our parents and Adam went to the beach.

Well, we got to the book-store. We were running a little late for the discussion, in which Rick Riordan answered various questions, such as was The Last Olympian going to be the last thing he wrote? or questions about the movie coming up in 2010 (on a seperate note, Percy Jackson will be played by Logan Lerman, and I know that guy because I was an extra in the film Hoot, where he played the main character. I talk about it more here), but I didn't care about that. All I wanted was Rick's autograph.

I was as prepared as I could be, physically, but not quite mentally. In my mind I knew I wouldn't be able to get his siganture if I didn't buy one of his books, and I refused to buy one of his books, because I've already read them all, and I was in no rush to read his latest work. Still, I asked a worker if it would be possible to get him to autograph just a little scrap of paper, but she said no, only books would get signed.

I felt like a failure, and, even though I'd done nothing outwardly wrong, I felt like such an embarrasment in front of my family. I was ready to call it quits and go to the beach with them. But I stayed. I owe a large amount of gratitude to my parents, who were so confident in me that I could get what I wanted. I doubted it and was nearly upset to tears (I only cried two tears before I told myself to buck up), but I finally allowed them to go on their way to the beach. I would try the best I could.

And I did! I stuck around near Riordan's table, taking photos and movies of him doing his job. (I don't have the movies, but I already posted the pictures on Picture Perfect.)Signing his books, greeting his fans, answering more questions. It was really fascinating to watch him at work. Annette was free to wander around Borders, and I myself left only a couple times to see whether Pendragon #10 or 13th Reality #2 were available in the store, but besides that, I never left my post.

Eventually I came up with a plan. I would wait there for as long as it took for the fans to run out, and would ask him straight out for his autograph. I planned a whole speech in my head. "Excuse me, Mr. Riordan sir? I know you're all tired from signing so many books and your wrist must be really cramped, but would you please please please be kind enough to give me your autograph on my silly scrap of paper? I promise it'll only take a minute of your time."

Turns out I didn't have to say much at all. When there were no more fans in line and Rick stood up from his chair, I took my chance. I blurted, "Sorry, but could you please sign..." and he was all, "Sure, of course!" He took my paper and quickly signed it on his knee. He barely looked like he gave the scrawl much thought, but then I guess that comes with much autograph practise. I forget whether I thanked him or not, but he didn't care. He looked all smiley and seemed more than happy to give me his autograph, though I hadn't bothered to buy his book.

I was so thrilled! I'd gotten what I'd come for and it hadn't taken much work to do! Oh, whoops! My time's up...

*Edit* Okay, now I'm back at home and can continue my epic post. This is a lot of fun writing, like a journal entry. I hope you don't mind reading so much.

Anyway, I had just gotten Rick's "John Hancock," right? So I went to find Annette, showed it to her, and she was happy for me. With no other business there, we decided to leave, but before we did, we treated ourselves to cookies from the indoor cafe (one chocolate and one snickerdoodle, if you must know ^,^). While waiting, I caught sight of Rick Riordan going into the bathroom. I pointed him out to Annette, and she suggested me probably getting a quick picture with him. I thought not, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. But, sure enough, he came out with a phone to his ear, so when I asked him for a picture he could only say, "Sorry, I'd like to, but I can't. I've got another event." Busy man, huh? But then, I guess on tours, all authors are busy. Take Dashner's account, for example. ^,^

I didn't mind very much, though. I was very content with my lot. Anways, Annette and I had a great day after that. We walked to the mall, which was relatively close by. We hung out at Books-A-Million for a bit, (can't get enough of bookstores!) and I went looking for the big 2 again. That is, Pendragon and 13th Reality. Well, as evidenced by my book blog, I found one. ^,^ So happy!

So I bought the book, and then we hung out at the food court and got chinese food. Panda Express. Delicious. Chow Mein noodles, fried rice, couple egg rolls. I think the fortune in my cookie said, "The best prophet of the future is the past." Yep. I think they were right.

When we were all done, Annette and I had to wait for our bus. For a while. So we took out the book I'd just bought. Yes. Pendragon #10! How awesome it was to read along with her. It's great knowing that we're on the same page. (Actually, I'm sorry to admit, when we got off the bus we were in the middle of Chapter 2, and when we got home, I took the opportunity to finish it by myself. I don't think Annette has, so I'm ahead of her. Sorry. ~,~)

It was great. When we got off the bus, we still had to walk a long way 'til we got home. But I love walking. We cut across a couple of golf courses. It was beautiful. If you checked out Picture Perfect, you'll see that we saw rainbow (there was a light sun-shower) a duckling family, and this cool heron/ egret bird (I don't really know what it is, but it looked cool). Just so much fun.

And that was my day out with my sister. It was so funny... When my parents and brother finally got home, and I told them I'd gotten Rick Riordan's autograph, my mom was all... "YOU DID?!!! OMG, I so proud of you!" It was worth getting Rick's signature just to see her reaction! And I thought no one could be more thrilled than I was. ^,^

Alright. I've bored you guys long enough. Time to get on with your life now. ^,~


J.N. Future Author said...

wow! I Think you broke a world record for longest post ^.~

I didn't know you were an extra! I thought that movie was way funny. but your right, now there is an actual reason to see the end!

It sounds like you had so much fun! ^.^

Magenta said...

Thanks for reading my whole thing and commenting, Jacoby. You're the best. ^,~

Being an extra was an awesome experience. I hope you can somehow recognize me in the movie.

Brian said...

Fun day!!!