Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too... excited... to sleep!!!

I can't believe it!!! Today is actually the day it's happening! It's 6:30 now and our alarm was set to go at 7:15. I can't possibly go back to sleep now! I'm much too excited!!! So, to blow off some steam, I figured I'd blog a bit and tell you what's on my mind. I probably won't get the chance again until much later today, or even tomorrow...

So I'm visiting New College today! I've looked forward to this day for soooo long! I don't know why, but I've built this thing up and up in my mind that it's going to be my best day ever, and I know full well that I'm just going to go on a 3-hour drive with my folks, see the campus, sit in on a sociology class (which I have no clue about, but am eager to learn about what it means. Annette's taking religion), take an informational tour, explore the area, meet up with a friend's sister who works at the library there and attends New College, and then drive home. That's all!

Yeah, right. I can't help myself. I'm so incredibly excited that I half woke myself up at 6:00 and I thought the alarm was at 6:15, so I sat tight, wanting to wait for the music alarm to go off. I had my fingers in my ears, heart pumping, waiting, waiting... but nothing. Finally I went to see what was wrong with the stupid clock. I saw my sister was out of bed. She's way excited too, I think, though not as much as I believe I am. ^,^ I thought maybe she'd turned the alarm off before it even went on or something, but then I saw that I was an hour too early!

S0, here I am. I'm all dressed, I still need to brush my teeth, and I'm completely revved up for today! Yesterday, my darling Aunt Lisa (who lives on the other side of the country from me, in Cali) called my sister and me up to wish us... not good luck, per se, but just telling us that she was super excited for us as well and that she loved us and was proud of us. I always love hearing from her. She's the best.

(^,~ XOXOXO ^,~)

I feel ultra-prepared. We've got a picnic for the road. Our digital camera is totally charged and empty, as well as our dad's new Flip camera. I hope to take a lot of pics! And Annette and I are taking notebooks with us, so we can write about the trip and compare notes in our different classes. You know, I'm really excited for that. I didn't even give much thought to that part of the day until Annette brought it up just last night. We're going to be sitting in on a college class! With college-age students! I don't know, it just blows my mind, really...

Well, that's pretty much all I have to say. Just another quarter of an hour now!!! Then I'll wake my parents up, we'll have breakfast, we'll get everything together, and then we'll be off! Wish me luck! Well... maybe not luck. I'm not doing anything big, like an SAT test or something. But wish me... ya know, support and stuff.

No matter what, I feel it in my guts that I'm going to like this day. Even without pictures or notes, I'm going to remember May 7, 2009. I just know it...

More updates later!!!


Q said...

Have fun!

J.N. Future Author said...

hehe ^.^ it sounds fun!

guess what, May 7th is my 11 year-old brothers birthday ^.^ so now he is 12!

Brian said...

Good luck!!! I hope your dream college turns out to be what you hope!

And happy birthday to Jacoby's little brother!