Saturday, May 30, 2009

End of the Month Updates

The last day of May. How a-May-zing. *tee-hee* ^,^

Summer is nearly upon us. Well, officially on the calender, anyway. For me, Summer started a long time ago. (Floridian, remember? You jealous? ^,~) Of course, it's been raining unusually frequently for the last couple weeks. Oh well. Also, I suppose lots of people already consider it summer, since school's out. And one of my dear friends seems to be going on some sort of vague summer vacation trip. I don't know where she's going, but she's not gonna be blogging for a while. (I'll miss your presence on my blog, Q. -,-)

Okay, here are the updates I promised:
There's a new Leslie and Kyle episode up on YouTube! At last! We've worked on this one really hard, and finally it's there for everyone to see. It's a jokes and riddles special, our 11th vid in the show. I think one more will make it the end of the season. June 24th will mark the day we uploaded the first ever sock-puppet episode. Here's the link. Remember to pass it around to as many people as you can. And for those who are not familiar with Leslie and Kyle, I suggest you check out our previous episodes. Enjoy. ^,~
Last night I saw an awesome movie. The Day After Tomorrow. I really loved how the story could be so action-packed, even without a good VS. evil plot. It's just regular people who have normal lives who suddenly get a glimpse of apocalypse when the earth makes a drop into another ice-age. Extreme storms, hurricanes, flooding, even tornadoes (caused by MUCH too much global warming) swirl across the planet as it attempts to cleanse itself. Thousands of people do not survive. (But of course, the main characters do. It would really suck if any of the characters you learned to care about had to perish. Like the son of the climatologist who predicts all the horrible storms, and his friends, and that hobo with his dog, Bhudda.)

So many things to like about this movie. It was funny when it actually snowed in New Delhi, and when hail the size and weight of baseballs fell in Japan. My favorite part is when a small band of survivors huddle up in the famous New York public library and are trying to decide which books they should burn in order to stay warm. ^_^ They took down an entire shelf on Tax Law. *lol* The guy who was the Vice President was mean. He reminded me of the last one we had. I bet he would have acted the same way.

My only quibble is that in the end, the Earth finally clears up and things go back to "normal." There's a lot less people living on the planet, and all the maps probably have to be redrawn, not to mention more than half of America's buildings are under ice. But it goes back to normal. It ends just right there. That doesn't sit well with me. They force you to imagine your own ending. But other than that, the film was quite a thriller.
We've finally set a date for when Annette and I can take our driving test. I know, it's really late in coming, but at least we have an appointment. Now I'll be able to get my license! And hopefully use it.
Now that I'm finally done with my load of library-borrowed novels, I'm going to take another short book vacation. So no more reviews on my book blog for a week. Also my mom says we took too many dvds out of the library, so no movies for a week either. Not to mention T.V....
After not touching it for a month, I've finally updated the Dashnog Dictionary. Phew! What a lot of work, scanning the comment sections of Dashner's most recent posts, spotting a new Dashnog word, copying and pasting, then calculating how many words there are now in the dictionary. However, those people who are highly attentive will notice that lots of words are missing here.

This is because, at Dashner's advice, I removed all the sub-par Dashnog words that I didn't think deserved to be part of the Dashnog language. Words that had only one word definitions, words that didn't seem to click well with their assigned definitions, words that I didn't imagine would be useful in everyday speech (if people spoke Dashnog every day, that it.) I'm proud of the work I did. I took out many words. Mostly Fan #1's words, but I removed a few from everyone. Even me. All except for the words James Dashner invented himself. It's his language, after all. ^,~

That's all for now.
Thanks to all my awesome friends for commenting in my last post and making me feel much more appreciated and useful. A word of advice to my other followers/ random readers: please don't feel shy. Speak up! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my blog once in a while. ^,^

Hey, it's been a while since I did this, but I just thought I'd do it again. For the sake of it. ^, ~
Joacby, rae uyo gnoig ot rebeemmr ot od taht caetirn tnhig uoy ende ot od? Eth oen hrndeud cule pzulze? Ro si taht giong ot eb utp no hlod ofr a wlhie? I ende udpaets, anm!

Get the picture?


Q said...

If I told you where I was going, I would lose gobs of my aura of mystery. We couldn't have that, now, could we?

I'm not going to Florida, anyway, so don't think I'm trying to avoid you or something. ;)

Magenta said...

Thanks for deciding to follow me, Q! I bet that'll be useful for when you come back from where-ever and get internet back and you need to catch up on me. ^,^

Bon Voyage!

J.N. Future Author said...

hehe, I told you, I really havn't fixed anything after that link ^.^