Sunday, May 10, 2009


Whoa. It's hard to believe that I let almost a week pass since my exciting last post. I'm sooo sorry to leave you guys hanging like I did. I'll try to cover as much as I can...

Well, about my day in Sarasota...meh... I wouldn't say it was the best day of my life, because with hind-sight, I think it was pretty so-so. First of all, I drove all five of us (me and my dad in the front and my mom, sis and bro in the back) in our little yellow beetle for 3 loooong hours. I mean, that was quite an accomplishment for me. You'd think so, right?

But really, it was slightly boring. You know, flat Florida landscape? Still, I was able to keep my sanity with some great music to sing along to. I was pretty proud of myself, I suppose. (Hey, how many of you have seen Rain Man, with a young Dustin Hoffman? "I'm an excellent driver, an excellent driver..." ^,^)

New College was nice looking. I sat in on a sociology class, which was fascinating, I'll admit. It was the first time I'd been in a small college classroom, anyway. I listened very quietly and attentively to the teacher, and even participated a tiny bit. I was happy about that. I'm usually very shy and quiet, and I didn't plan on saying anything in there.

We got a nice tour from a senior student (who, coincidentally, also had a twin. They both lived on campus). It was very nice, walking around the establishment. I tried imagining myself being in this school, but it was not as easy as when I'd only thought about even coming there. I mean, this place isn't just about fun and games. Everyone works really hard there. After the tour was over, we had a small picnic on the grounds, went to the library to chat with another student, and then it was Annette's turn to drive us homeward.

I am very aware of my unfortunate habit of building a date up way too much in my mind, only to see it sink just below my high expectations. I've really got to stop that. I need to be more neutral, and not care about what happens, even if it is an exciting event. Like today. Jacoby mentioned Pendragon #10 coming out today in his blog. I was happy to be reminded of it, but disappointed not to have done much to celebrate the fact. Oh well. Next time I go to a book store, I'll be scanning for it on the shelves. ^,^

In other news, I've been watching a lot of the New Twilight Zone. This is a much better Twilight Zone than that old '60s show. The short episodes are very weird and funny, maybe a little creepy, but always good stories. I've recognized a few old stars in some of them, like Bruce Willis, Danny Kaye, Morgan Freeman, and that guy who used to play Jerry Seinfeld's dad, Barney Martin. We're watching a 6-disk collection of the first season, and we're still only on the 3rd DVD! We sure got a long way to go...

The Saturday night before Mother's Day was lots of fun. I finished my card, we watched a funny new episode of JONAS (I really like that show... laugh if you want), and, as a treat, we went to the restaurant Flanigans. We didn't get a big meal, just ordered dessert. We shared a Bonzai brownie) and a Flanigan Shenanigan (slice of candy-apple pie). Hey, that's what it said on the menu. They were huge, each with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream and topped with all sorts of nuts and crunchies. No one could've eaten either of them on their own without exploding. I had a great time. Then, when it was really late, we stayed up for a new SNL episode. Justin Timberlake hosted. I think he's cute.

Mother's Day was nice. We had a brunch of bagels and cream cheese, our mother adored our cards, and we spent the rest of the day at our favorite beach. While there, I started reading Jane Eyre. You know, that classic by Charlotte Bronte? (It has this precise cover. Not very flattering, but that's what I'm reading.)

don't have a lot of interest in classics, thinking them to be boring and written in waaaay old-fashioned language, but this book was recently lended to us by a friend who recommended it, so I'm giving it a crack. I've honestly surprised myself by finding it enjoyable, and not boring at all. I'll post about it on my book blog soon, I promise.

Speaking of books, I've recently made friends with another book blogger, Graham Bradley. His reviews (or "chops") are way awesome. He is also a big fan of Dashner, and a frequent Dashnog inventor to boot. That makes him good in my book. But anyway, he's recently submitted a few chapters of a novel he just finished writing to a publisher, and so I asked him if I could read it. The manuscript is called Sidewinder, and it's just around 35 chapters long. I'm half-way through and I love it! Of course, he told me not to spread the story around, but you can always ask him...

And finally, in an effort to wrap this up, I will once again remind Jacoby Nielson that he should fix up the link to his 2nd clue in his 100 clue game. I know that I've already reminded him about it in a comment, but I'm pretty persistent when I want to be. ^,^ And, as he already knows from prior experience, I will not stop.

Bye for now!

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Q said...

Don't let this affect your opinion of it, but I loathed Jane Eyre, not because of language or boringness, but because of...other things. I'll tell you why when you're done.