Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things to be happy about:

  • The Leslie and Kyle "Jokes and Riddles" special has gotten over 75 views in just a couple days. It's amazing. My sibs and I should think about the next episode...
  • I've got two new followers on my blogs! Q joined this one (that's good for when she comes back from ????????, so she'll be able to catch up. ^,~) and Graham joined my Book Club. It's nice to have you two on board with me. ^_^
  • Last night I went to the theater with my family and saw Monsters VS. Aliens. That was really funny. That blue goo, B.O.B. (Seth Rogen), definitely stole the show, and I liked how Stephen Colbert played the president. To be sure, there were lots of LOL moments in it. To name a few: When the Missing Link mentions an Inconveniant Truth... when the president plays the Beverly Hills Cop theme song... When the alien Galaxar curses "Ah, Spaceballs!"... When the countdown to the spaceship's self-destruct sequence finishes, nothing happens, and the computer voice (Amy Pohler) says, "Hmm, nothing happened! I guess my countdown was a little..." and then it blows up! Hilarious! ;P
  • Today I beat my sister at Boggle. I love playing Boggle. Sometimes I even beat my mom, and she's really good. I consider myself an expert Boggler. (If you switch the "l" around, it spells Blogger! Hee hee.)
  • Even though we set a ban on videos, my sibs and I have been seeing the Beatles' Anthology collection. We've watched 2 out of 8 VHSs so far. It's their whole story about how they got sooo famous. I really love the Beatles. They're the previous generation's Jonas Brothers. ^,^
  • Yesterday we were at a different library then usual, and I spotted the 2nd Fablehaven book, so I read the first chapter and a bit of the second before we had to go. You're right, Graham. It really picks up!
  • The other day I sat down and fixed up my Imazian prologue! I'm so proud of myself. I changed it a lot. It's not where you meet the Warlock and Gris anymore. It's in a different place entirely, and you meet my main character, Maggie. Do I have any requests? ^,~ Yeah, I should really work on my story more often.
  • We have our pet cockatiel birds, Sasha and Sammy, out. They are so adorable! They always make me smile, especially now. They look tired; they keep blinking their eyes. So sweet! ^_^ (The only time they annoy me is when they fly all over the place and refuse to be taken back to their cage. We never clipped their wings. Sasha is particularly hard to coax down to my hand. Sammy's easier-going. But I love them both anyway.)
Yes, I feel very happy today. Signing off now. ^_^

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Q said...

I'm already following you on Google Reader (aka my savior), but I thought I'd set up following on my blog and follow other people, so I imported a bunch of subscriptions from my Reader and went for it.