Monday, June 22, 2009

Couldn't sleep...

Yaaawn... I can't believe I'm up and writing this at the time we're supposed to wake up tomorrow morning for our flight to Boston. Just a bit before 4:30 am. We have to get to the airport by 5:30 and the plane takes off at 7:30... or so I'm told. I don't know. I really couldn't sleep, so I decided to blog a little. I know you'll all read this in the morning. (Some of my family reads my blog, so I bet they'll be a little extra surprised.)

I have less than 24 hours remaining to enjoy being in my own, comfortable, familiar house. *Meep*

Tomorrow we'll be doing lots of packing and making sure of last details, such as getting Skype to work on our laptops. Personally, I am at a complete loss of what to think here. I have thought about and dreamt about going up to Boston for ages, and for me and Annette to have an adventure by ourselves, without our parents or brother to hold us back. Now that's shortly to become a reality. Two fun-filled, semi-planned out weeks, all on our own.

And I'm a bit scared. ~_~

You've got to realize that I've never done anything like this before in my entire life. Neither of us have. My twin and I are going to get large doses of what we call "the real world," and "responsibility". I am almost 18, so I am going to have to face the fact that I'm going to be an adult for the rest of my entire life... It's just that I still feel a lot like a kid. And this experience that I'm going to get? I may be off to do very grown-up stuff: transporting myself, feeding myself, making plans for myself, meeting strangers and filtering out good from bad for myself...

But I feel the deep, dark fear of the unknown. I'm scared that I'm not quite ready for this adventure, though I've been awaiting it for so long. I'm scared of leaving my family when I have to board the airplane. I'm scared of finding myself in a big city (though I've been there many times in the summer) and feeling like an ant among millions... insignificant. Most of all, I'm scared of the future.

The future is so uncertain. Though I've got a lot of plans for it, I still don't have any idea what will happen to me until I get there. This is a scary thing, but I must also see this as a great thing. I have to face it. This is life. It's scary as heck, but it's also exciting. You don't know how excited I am to be doing all the things I want to do in Massachusetts. Unchaperoned! OMG. It's just so hard to believe.

Hmmm... while I'm here, I might as well tell you that I've been working on a new blog that I want to be specifically for my travels. (Here's the link.) I think it'll be fun writing in it. I'll be very honest about my trip and won't forget to write a single detail in it. The thing is that... I've decided to stop writing this blog for our 16 days up in Boston.

So all you faithful followers and readers won't be getting any new posts from here for two weeks. Therefore, if you feel you must know about how I am and what I'm doing, you'll have to check my new travel blog. You don't have to if you don't want to. You're not obligated in any way. But if you care about me, you can read it.

If you do read it, be aware that I'm not going to be checking any comments you may/may not post on my Travel Journal. I want to be completely surprised about the readership I get for this blog. Besides, this is going to be a journal of sorts. It's mostly going to be a corner of cyberspace where I can unload my memories. Uh, my future memories, that is. (Riddle that one out, huh?)

Anyway, I guess this will be my last post for the month. Won't be back until after the first week of July. I'm sorry to surprise you all with a sudden good-bye. (Though it doesn't have to be good- bye if you read the new blog!) Don't worry. I'll write here again the very moment I get home. No, wait!... I'll be leaving Boston July 8th in the evening, so I might go to sleep when I get home. Oh well, I'll blog first thing that morning, then!

Ahll be bahk! *she said in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.*
TTFN! Ta ta for now! (You saw Winnie the Pooh as a child, right?)

*pfft* Sorry. I'm not dying. And neither is this blog. It's just going to be in a... two week coma. I guess that's it. But I'm coming back. I promise.

~ Bettina.

(Now I really ought to go back to sleep!)


Q said...

Rosebud. Hee hee.

J.N. Future Author said...

oh, you'll come back ^.~ I know it!

^.^ have fun!!!!

I'll try not to get depressed that you have suddenly dissapeared off the face of the earth with no way to reach you! ^.~

Magenta said...

No, no guys! I'm not disappearing! If you want to know what's happening to me, it's all here in My Travel Blog:

I promise to respond to all comments on July 9th.

Rainy.Rani said...

Have fun! Hopefully you can catch some sleep on the plane!