Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This blog post is about 2 anniversaries. One, of course, is my 6th month using Blogger. Personally, I find it veeeery hard to believe I've only been blogging for half a year. It's like I've blogged forever. But then again, doing something for 6 months straight is also quite an achievement, so I'm proud of that.

Seems like I average about 14 posts a month in my regular blog alone. Altogether I've written 144 posts (including my 8 in Picture Perfect ^,~), so I'd say that comes to... 24 posts a month. Of course, I didn't start blogging Picture Perfect until a few months ago, so I'm not completely sure if that counts. Anyway, moving on. So sorry for those statistics. I'm such a Virgo.

Now the other anniversary is cause for much more celebration. My parents have been married for 20 years! I'm so happy for them. Although what happened yesterday makes for a very funny story. ^,^

My mom and dad went out for the night and said they wouldn't be home until tomorrow, would stay the night at the apartment that we're trying to rent. So that gave us time to quickly put a rough card together from the three of us. (Me, my brother and twin sister.) It would've taken too long if we made individual cards. Oh, and we also watched The Tale of Despereaux. Yeah.

In my opinion, that story should've remained a novel, and not turned into a movie, especially if this was the result. I was quite disappointed with it. It ended with me thinking I'd seen some sort of ridiculous Tinker Bell movie, only slightly better. (Yeah, I saw Tinker Bell. Hated it.) The only thing good was that I liked hearing Emma Watson's voice when she played the princess. Totally sounded like Hermione Granger.

But anyway, we wrote the anniversary card and went to sleep. Early next morning, my brother and I wake up and decide to go to the supermarket to get some treats to surprise our parents. And instead of walking, like we usually had to do... I drove. ^_^ Yep! I drove my brother and me to the store and back! What a feeling! Owning a license is the bomb!

So we got stuff that would make a good brunch, since that's how our family usually celebrated things. Went home, helped Annette clean the place up, waited for them to come back. Only problem was, we had no idea when they'd be home! We'd never caught it when they left. At best we thought they'd get back in the afternoon or something. So we waited... and waited...

The day stretched so terribly. I didn't know what to do. We watched funny movies to pass the time, but I couldn't help worrying why they weren't back yet, and hadn't called us or anything. That's why we jumped whenever the phone rang, and we kept answering the phone for aunts or friends saying happy anniversary to our parents, and congratulating us for our drivers licenses on the side. It was nice talking to them, but, you know, we didn't know when they (our parents) would be back. So it was weird.

Don't worry, there's a happy ending. Our parents at last show up... at 5:00! Of course, any worry or pissed off feelings we may have harbored in their absence melted away at their arrival. We were soooo happy to see them! I guess that's usually what happens. I can get angry or impatient with something, like a prologue or a special clue game of sorts (^,~), but then as soon as things turn for better, I forget my negative feelings and become quite happy again. (Keep that in mind.)

So we celebrated together at last and they adored the card we wrote and everything. Very cool. Now the next holiday we have to look forward to is Father's Day. Go figure. And after that... That's something I'm gonna leave for next post. Though it's something very awesome.

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