Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ooh, I'm feeling so happy! (My post title makes that apparent, no? ^,^)
That was an okay guess, Q, that I was auditioning for something. Close, but not very close.

Alright. I'll just spit it out already... I GOT MY DRIVERS LICENSE!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right! I took my driving test today, and I passed! First time! I absolutely knew I would pass, but it's still SUCH a comfort knowing that I've gotten it over with now! The reason I didn't tell you guys about it before is that I read in some online tips for the test that you shouldn't talk about taking the test to too many people, otherwise the pressure will be too much and you probably won't do good. But it doesn't say anything about not telling your friends that you passed!

Man, the test was pretty easy. I didn't go out in traffic, just in this course around the parking lot. The instructor lady was pretty nice. I think she had a Jamaican accent. I was very calm, not very nervous, though I did worry a bit if I would pass. You might know the feeling. You feel pretty confident, but still have just a tiny twinge of doubt somewhere in your gut. Like when you perform in a play or something, and you're certain you know all your lines.

Anyway, I'm awfully glad the pressure's off now. I feel really proud, almost grown-up. It's like having my license made me skip my birthday or something. Makes me feel different.

Still, I suppose feeling older doesn't change the fact that I'm two inches shorter than Annette. ^_^ We're twins, darn it! Why does she have to be taller than me? I bet she does it on purpose. (Just kidding, sis. ^,~)

Just something else I'd like to write. I noticed that today, certain foods I ate made me feel different things. Like this morning, I had oatmeal with raisins in it for breakfast. Warm oatmeal is so satisfying and comforting. I've had it every time I had to take a test or something, and it always makes me feel calm and good.

Then, after both my sister and I passed the test, we went to the store and had a slice of carrot cake. That's one of my favorite treats. The cake is so tasty, and the frosting so sweet and sugary, that it really makes me excited and happy. Of course, I was already feeling that way since I passed, but the cake seemed to intensify that feeling. I don't know. I just thought these were interesting observations. ^,^

Have a good week, everyone!


Q said...

Congrats! Getting a driver's license is intensely freeing.

I know another set of identical twins who have about two inches difference in height, too. You might not have gotten as much sleep or had as much milk or something. I bet you stayed up late reading more often than Annette did. :P

(Which is probably why I'm two inches shorter than I would otherwise be, too.)

Magenta said...

You know what, Q? You might be on to something with that theory. I think I read a lot more fiction than Annette does, especially these days.

But still, if that's true, then I wonder why bookish people are short? It's just injustice. ~,~

The Funny one said...

Bookish people should probably go out more. Or go to sleep earlier. Then maybe you'd get a growth spurt or something.
Iznt it awesum we haz lisenses?!
(Love from your sister)

J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ that is so cool! congratz!!! hehe ^,^

you want to know something really REALLY weird? This morning I had oatmeal! and tonight at a party I had some carrot cake. I have not had carrot cake in years!

Magenta said...

Oh my gosh, J.N.! That is a freaky coincidence! Wow, I'm so glad I mentioned eating oatmeal and carrot cake now. Otherwise, how else would I have found out that you ate the same things?

I wonder where I'll drive first...

Brian said...

Congratulation's Bettina and Annette!

Rainy.Rani said...

Good Job!