Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for... (8)
My Friends ^_^

I think it is largely thanks to these 2 websites here that I found and have a big majority of my friends. I have met so many wonderful people online! It is simply too amazing for words! ^_^

Nearly two years ago, James Dashner, in all of his awesomeness, inspired me to start my own blog. It's been quite a journey for me. I'm so happy to have had so many people to share it with. ^_^ I've come into contact with scores of friendly, interesting, like-minded Bloggers, and I've managed to get more than a dozen people to follow my "majikal" antics and adventures.

There are really only several people that I can truly call friends, though. I follow these people closely, they follow me. I always try to comment on their latest posts, and sometimes I get comments from them. Not that often nowadays, though... but don't worry, you are all still my friends! ^_~

I got started on Facebook just half a year ago, when I came home from my Taglit Israel trip. I made soooo many friends in those 10 days!!! ^_^ This site seemed to be the only way I'd be able to keep in touch with these awesome people. Sadly, I don't talk to these people very much anymore, except when one of them has a birthday or something. ~,~

But on the bright sight, I have connected with lots of other people this way! My family, people from my Toastmaster club, fellow beach bums, friends I know from blogging, even Cashflow players that I really hit it off with! Last night, I sent a message to ALL of my Facebook friends, wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. This was a little experiment of mine, to see how many of my friends will wish me the same. At least a dozen people replied this message, and a few even commented my status or wrote on my Wall. So it looks like my experiment was a success! ^_~

I don't know... years before I used these sites, sometimes I felt like I didn't have any real friends. I just had my family and people I could call... acquaintances. I was a pretty shy little girl. Sometimes I'm still a bit shy, but my online persona has allowed me to be outgoing, bubbly and friendly, so I've made lots of friends that have helped me grow as a person. So this is a collective thanks to everyone. ^_^

Coming up next, I give very special thanks to a very special someone... ^_~

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