Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for a lot of things this year...

Yesterday I wrote and published an EXPLOSION of new posts in honor of the many random things I'm thankful for. Just because I felt like it. You don't have to read everything I've written; this is honestly just for me.

In case you happen to get lost in my sea of thankfulness, I will throw you a lifesaver in the form of a table of contents, as shown below. ^_~

1: Bruno Mars
2: Glee
3: Anime/Manga
4: Books
5: Food
6: Autumn
7: My family
8: My friends
And last, but never least, I'm thankful for... Jacoby Nielsen ^_~


Rainy said...

I read all your posts. I always read all your posts, even if I do get silent sometimes. I read them from the heart because you spread them out from the heart. I'm thankful for you!

Magenta said...

Awww! ^_^ Thanks so much, Rainy. It's so cool having a friend like you.