Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for... (6)
Autumn ^_^

This is my favorite season for many reasons. It gets slightly cooler, the air smells different and special, and all the best holidays (plus some birthdays) take place around this time of year! ^_^

First there is my twin Annette's and my birthday, September 7th, to start things off. Then October 3rd, my mom's birthday. Next Halloween comes around, and we get all dressed up and everyone's in a happy, scary mood! After that it's Thanksgiving, where everyone is thankful and eats a lot. Also, it turns out that my favorite author, James Dashner's, birthday happens to be on November 26th, which hovers very close around Thanksgiving. (Last year it was the same exact day as Thanksgiving, so I thought it would be the same case this year. It is actually today, the day after Thanksgiving. =P) Finally, even though I would consider December to be strictly a winter month, there is technically still one more day that is special to me which falls within, well, Fall. That's my younger brother, Adam's, birthday, December 10th. Thanks for being born, bro. ^_~

Autumn, Fall, the Red Season... no matter what you call it, this 3 month span of time (from mid-September to mid-December) rocks hard. I am so thankful for it!

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