Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for... (last, but never least)
Jacoby Nielsen ^_~

Here is a good friend, right here. You see that face? This is the face of one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I've known this person for nearly 2 years, and he still continues to surprise me with how sweet he is. ^_^

Some time after I'd came home from the vegetarian potluck with my family, I heard the phone ring. It was Jacoby! My friend had called me during his work break to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving! The last time I got a call from him was on my birthday, so this was totally out of the blue for me. That is just the kind of person Jacoby is. ^_^

There are so many things that we have in common, so many things that we've shared. Even though I've never met him, face to face (he lives all the way in Utah while I live in Florida), he is one of the closest friends I've ever had. I am so, very thankful to have a person like him in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jacoby! ^_~

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J.N. Future Author said...

Oh Bettina! ^.^ Your too nice!!! ^.^

I'm so glad we are friends! and wow, it sure doesn't feel like 2 years! It feel like I just met you! But when I had just met you it felt like I had known you forever ^.~

We'll stay friends forever! ^.^