Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glee 2:8 ~ Furt
Like/ Not like

~~~~~*spoiler alert!*~~~~~
If you haven't seen the new episode of Glee yet,
do NOT read this post!
You have been warned!
  • Carol Burnett. ^_^ I love her, she is such a great and funny actress. I think she was well cast as Sue Sylvester's mom. They sound a lot alike.
  • Artie, Mike and Sam standing up against Kurt's bully, Dave Karofsky (hard name to remember 0,o) and putting up a good fight. That was really epic! Sam got a black eye and Artie fell down in his wheel chair! I wonder how many times they had to do that scene... lol
  • Carol singing that song with Jane Lynch. That was a nice moment. This is the first time I've heard Sue sing on Glee! (Jane sang the "Glee theme song" in her monologue on SNL, but that doesn't count.)
  • Dave getting expelled from school. At least temporarily. He deserved it.
  • Finn standing up for Rachel against Santana. That's a good boyfriend for you.
  • Bruno Mars' song "Marry You". I knew this would be in the episode, but it was still fun, and I think New Directions did a decent job of covering it. I just love singing along to Bruno Mars! ^_^
  • Kurt's dad's speech to Finn's mom at the wedding. That was soooo sweet! !_! Very romantic and straight from the heart. You can tell that he honestly was in love with Finn's mom. They'll be so happy together. ^_^
  • Kurt's over-the-top reaction to being the wedding planner for his dad and Finn's mom. I'm sorry, but that was just too gay of him. (How on earth could he plan weddings since the age of 2? I groaned inwardly when he said that. ~,~)
  • Sue... marry... herself?! What is she, crazy?! No, it's the writers who are crazy. This doesn't happen in real life! It is just too bizarre! (I was thankful, though, that Carol Burnett was sane enough to agree with me.)
  • The Glee girls (Rachel, Quinn, Brittany and Tina) not including Santana or Mercedes in their meeting when they plan for their football boyfriends to tell Dave to knock it off with bullying Kurt. That was slightly mean of them. I mean, yeah, they didn't have football boyfriends, but couldn't they still be included?
  • The totally untraditional wedding ceremony. Kurt's dad and Finn's mom very rudely interrupt the pastor when he's asking "Do you...". I mean, what was he even there for?! They didn't need him!
(I can't decide whether I like these plot points or not. They're just... strange.)
  • Sue being a good, responsible principal? She's supposed to be evil! I wanted her to go all Umbridge on the school. Then again, I was glad she listened to Kurt's troubles about Dave bullying him. She really seemed like she wanted to help him. So Sue does have a heart for these kids... which makes me very suspicious. O,o And then she willingly resigns as principal in the end?! So she can keep a watch on the bully Dave? I mean, I did wish that she'd somehow stop being principal, but... Sue doesn't just give up power! Why is she doing this??? Ahh, so confused... ~,~
  • Sam "proposing" to Quinn with a promise ring. Yeah, it was awful sweet of him, but... slow it down, dude! You haven't known her for that long; how can you love her enough to want to marry her?? I thought it was a very strange plot point, but for some reason, I couldn't put this in my NOT LIKE list. It was... sweet, I guess. =P
  • Kurt teaching his dad and Finn how to dance. Just because it again makes Kurt a little stereotypically gay. Still, I thought it was a pretty funny scene. And boy, I haven't seen an episode where his dad blows up about someone teasing Kurt's gayness before! O,o What a dad!
  • Finn singing Bruno Mars' "Just the way you are" to Kurt, and then voluntarily dancing with him. It was unexpected, and a bit out of character for Finn. But it was incredibly sweet and selfless of him, and like I said, I love singing along to Bruno. I don't care about the circumstances under which it is sung. Anyway, I could tell that it made Kurt soooo happy. ^_^ His face simply lit up, just like it did when Blaine sang to him. Kurt used to have some sort of crush on Finn, so it must have meant a lot. And now they're brothers... very interesting relationship. O_o
  • Kurt is leaving William McKinley High School?! For Dalton Academy? NOOOOOOO!!!!! He can't do that! I know he's scared of Karofsky (he doesn't stay expelled. Curse you, student board!) and now he'll be able to hang out with Blaine () in peace, but how can he run away like that? !,! Now he's going to be in the Warblers' Glee club, competing against New Directions! That's just... not right! But it does make for an awesome cliff-hanger! (We all have a love/hate relationship with cliff-hangers, am I right? ^_~)
Generally, I would say that I disliked the first third of this episode, felt better about the second third, and then loved the final third! ^_^ Sometimes I would cringe at this story's goofiness, but then I'd see examples of incredible writing and acting. I give "Furt" a grade of A-.

That concludes my first critical review of a Glee episode! I thought since this was episode #30, I'd post something special in honor of it. I hope you enjoyed my very thorough critique! ^_^ What are your opinions? (Don't be shy. ^_~)

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J.N. Future Author said...

I actually really loved this episode. It is my top favorite out of the entire series!

Yes, sometimes they do make Kurt VERY stereotypical, which is disappointing...but I love Chris Colfer, so the more screen time he gets, the more awesome I think Glee is!

What!??! You have never heard Sue sing? Have you seen the first season? In episode 15 (The Power of Madonna) she sings Vogue. But by far my favorite is episode 17 (Bad Reputation) where she sings the song Physical (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6mmL2AiSPk)

Marry you by Bruno Mars is definatly my favorite song they sung! Just The Way You Are is a close second!

I just really loved this one!!!