Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for... (3)
Anime/Manga ^_^

There is just something about this art/animation style that is completely awesome! I enjoy putting up these kind of pictures in my blog posts. Very often on my blog, when I'm trying to express how I'm feeling or what I'm doing, I type "anime girl" in the Google Image search box. Just sifting through all the results, trying to find the girl who will best represent me... it is so much fun for me! ^_^

But I don't just like anime and manga for my blog purposes. I love ALL of Hayao Miyazaki's movies (he is a master storyteller, like Disney was!) and in the last couple years I've become attracted to graphic and manga novels, like the Cirque Du Freak series.

Really, I just love the way the characters look in this style, and if it's really well done, how these characters act! I don't know how the Japanese came up with this look, but they sure hit a winner. It's beautiful, it's very realistic while staying cartoony, and even adults love this stuff! (In Japan, grown-ups as well as young people read manga novels! What a culture!)


The Funny one said...

Sorry to be a nitpicker, but you misspelled Disney's name! Feel free to delete this comment after you've fixed this error.

Magenta said...

Ah! You're right! 0_o Thanks for catching that, sis.