Saturday, November 6, 2010


What gives, Mother Nature?! Just 2 days ago the weather was fine and warm in the 80s (degrees, that is). Then yesterday the temperature dropped between 70 and 60. That made for a really nice walking day. No clouds at all in the perfect blue sky, and it felt nice to be a little bundled up (emphasis on little).

And now it is 52 degrees! So cold!!! My siblings and I barely wanted to get out of bed this morning! *shivers uncontrollably* Hopefully none of us will get sick from this sudden and extreme swing in temperature.

Maybe I should write a poem about this... that's how strongly I feel about this cold!!!

How freezing is it in your part of the world, reader?


Rainy said...

Pretty dang cold, dear blogger :) This week was quite sudden with the chill. I dread getting up in the mornings from my warm bed, I dread it so.

Have you ever experienced a white winter? With SNOW? Being in Florida, I wouldn't expect it, but have you ever went out of state for the holidays and saw it?

Eh, sorry, just curious.

Magenta said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who is freezing. lol

Surprise surprise, I HAVE experienced snow before. ^_~ Annette and I were born in Boston and we lived there for about a year. We also have a home video from when we were toddlers that shows us in Arizona, playing and frolicking in the snow.

I don't really remember any of that though, since I was so young, so maybe those don't count. So for all intents and purposes, I have yet to experience a white winter. ~,~

But I hope to someday! ^_^

Rainy said...

Yeah, I hope you get a snow day someday as well! It's the best experience!

So I realize you saw the Glee with AVPM Harry in it, am I right? Not sure if you realized it. . .

Hint: It has something to do with Teenage Dream ;)

Magenta said...

WHAT?! No friggin' way!!! I forgot to even look for AVPM Harry... do you mean to say he was actually Blain??? OMG!

I barely recognized him without his messy HP wig and glasses. He's actually really cute! And talented! ^_^ And he might be Kurt's boyfriend! Yay! ^___^

Teenage Dream. Best song ever. That guy owns it sooooooo good. ^_^

Rainy said...

ACTUALLY it wasn't a wig :/ I was so sad he cut it all off!

I need to find time to catch up and watch all of Glee . . .

Magenta said...

Not a wig, huh? =P

You will LOVE "Never Been Kissed". I'm actually rewatching it now, cuz it's THAT good. ^_^