Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charlie is SOOO cool! like ^_^

This has probably been a pretty big waste of my morning, but I've been having lots of fun on YouTube, watching the videos of charlieissocoollike. This is a British boy named Charlie McDonnell who is about my age, is a little weird and, since 2007, has been putting up crazy video-blog type videos. Apparently he is very popular on the internet, because he's got 600,000+ subscribers! Wow. I am impressed, Mr. Charlie. ^_^

His videos are really funny, crazy and random. My favorite vids of his are when he makes up these silly songs that are actually very catchy and hilarious to watch. There is the Duet with Myself (which I have embedded in a past blog post, funny enough) and the Song about Acne, which I'm sure every teenager can relate to. (ahhh! But it is so hilarious! Near the end of it, Charlie does this weird scatting thing that makes me cry from laughing so hard. XD) There are other songs, but those 2 are my absolute favorites.

Charlie is really, in my book, a cool-appearing guy. ^_^ He looks like someone that I could be friends with, if we were to meet. He seems incredibly creative and witty. Yes, a little on the geeky side, but then again, aren't we all? His English accent is cute, he looks like a friendly person, and... what else can I say? Charlie is so cool! I like him. I'm going to look forward to his future videos.

If you happen to be curious enough, here is Charlie's YouTube Channel. I hope you find him as fun and entertaining and COOL as I do. ^_~

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