Friday, October 8, 2010

Ca$hflow Online!

Okay, this is something I think is really cool! My family and I used to play this Monopoly-like boardgame called "Cashflow", and today my sister and I discovered that you can play this game on the internet, for FREE! We've both registered, and played a couple games. It's amazing how different it is! To go from playing this...
To playing this!
If you guys think this is as cool a game as I do and wish to play along, I will tell you exactly what you have to do:

1: Visit this link and register with your email address and a unique password.
2: Look in your inbox and you'll find an email asking you to activate your account.
3: Go back to the site and sign in to play the game.

It is really exciting when you first get into the game. ^_^ You go into this Lobby, where people are starting games that you can join into, or you can create your own game. You can play by yourself, with computer players, or with other human players.

The awesome part about the game is that while you play, there's a little chat box below where you can talk to your fellow players. I think that is so much fun. ^_^

Let me know if you decide to sign up, and maybe we'll organize a game together. I can give you some pointers as we play. But do try to learn and understand the rules before you start playing!

Cya in the Rat Race! ^_~

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Rainy said...

That sounds pretty cool. I'll be sure to check that out if I find any free time! Until then, congrats, you've been tagged!

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