Monday, October 4, 2010

Loving Autumn

Thanks to my friends, Jacoby and Graham, for saying "Happy Birthday" to my mom on Facebook. ^_^ She really appreciated it.

I think yesterday was honestly her best birthday ever. My brother, sister and I went all out and got her awesome gifts, made special home-made cards for her and just showered her with love. All 5 of us went to the beach and had a great celebration there too. Then when we got home we wanted to have a treat, and my mom decided to experiment a little. Guess what she created?
Nacho Pizza!
(This isn't a picture of our Nacho Pizza. I discovered that (unfortunately) this wasn't an unheard of invention. ~,~ Still, this was totally new to us! And boy, was it tasty!!! You've gotta try it!)
Oh, I have to tell you about this. This weekend my sister showed me these videos she was seeing on YouTube, and they are hilarious! This cartoon character, Daniel Floyd, talks very intelligently about the subject of video games. Each video is between 6 and 10 minutes, and he covers such topics as the uncanny valley in games, game controversy, the need for better story-telling in games, video-game music, the female gaming audience, and many more.

Here's where you can find a whole bunch of his videos. If you're a big gamer, I'm sure you'll appreciate the humor in them even more than I do. LOL ^_^
Today while I was walking with my sister, we both felt this incredibly cool breeze. The Florida sun still shone warmly on us, but it was pleasantly counteracted by the cool, sweet-tasting wind that swirled around us.
Is anyone else familiar with the smell and feel of this special wind? To me it feels magical, the best feeling in the world, simply walking through it and inhaling it. It makes me feel more... alive. I always associate it with Fall. It's like the winds of change, reminding me that a couple beloved holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, are just around the corner. ^_^

Where I live in Florida, the leaves don't change color, and it never snows. So this wind is about the only sign I have that Autumn is really, actually here. (Forget looking at the calendar. =P)

If you like Autumn as much as I do, what is your favorite thing about it? What special feelings do you associate with this season? (Don't be shy. I've told you mine, after all. ^_~)

Have a wonderful, happy Autumn!

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Rainy said...

Ah, a disadvantage for you guys in Florida. The leaves changing color is such a beautiful thing to experience. All you guys have is wind, which is well enough, but I feel you are truely missing out :/

Over here, it's getting so cold so quickly! I never feel like getting out of my warm bed in the mornings. It's such a pain!

Nacho Pizza sounds amazing. Happy belated birthday to your mother!