Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm a Gleek

Yes, it is official. Glee is now up there with my favorite TV shows of all time. Seinfeld, Dinosaurs, Animaniacs, Saturday Night Live, Phineas and Ferb, and Simpsons. And then there was Glee. ^_^I'm serious, this is a really good show! I just got the DVD for the entire first season from the library today. I am so excited!!!

I have now seen 4 episodes in total of this show, and I am hooked. ^_^ I saw the pilot the other day (those who read my blog will know that), the second one today, and numbers 13 and 16 on Hulu yesterday. (I didn't know I would get the DVD so soon. Even though it was pretty confusing, skipping ahead and not knowing what happened in previous episodes, I still really liked them.)

I have 3 big reasons for loving this show so much:

1) The songs. I totally love all the music Glee has in it! ^_^ I will admit that prior to seeing this show, I thought, "What's the big deal? It looks like High School Musical, only with different kids and made for TV." But trust me. This is soooo much better than High School Musical. ^_^

For one thing, all the songs are either old rock favorites from past decades ("Respect", by Aretha Franklin, "Proud Mary", by Tina Turner, "You Can't Always Get What You Want", by the Rolling Stones... you probably get the idea. ^_^), or songs that are more popular today, which I may need a little brushing up on. I know a few, like "I Kissed a Girl", by Katy Perry, "Don't Stop Believing", by Journey, "Gold Digger", by Kanye West, that sort of thing.

But I love every single song that comes out of these talented kids mouths. ^_^ Which brings me to my next reason for loving Glee.

2) The characters. I love all of them, individually, for different reasons, which I will explain in a moment. But all together, as a group, they definitely have a great chemistry going on. It's amazing. They make me believe that what's happening in this show is real life. I know it's not, but it's still really awesome. ^_^
  • Will Schuster: The Spanish teacher turned Glee club coach for New Directions. He is a really sweet, handsome guy, very caring about his Glee kids, and he always tries to do the right thing. ^_^ I don't like his wife, though. I don't see how he's stayed married to her for 5 years. She's selfish and deceitful. Which is why I think (and probably everyone else does, too), that he belongs with...
  • Emma Pillsbury: I'm not sure what kind of teacher she is, but I think she is a guidance counselor. She is very shy, with a soft, timid voice and these huge eyes that just make her look adorable. I mean, you only have to look at her to love her. ^_^ She's a little obsessive about being clean, always with a tissue on hand or something. But that's just a funny quirk of hers. I like how healthy she seems to be, with her tupperware full of grapes and salads.
  • Sue Sylvester: This is the only face I am familiar with coming into this show. Jane Lynch is hilarious! She's cheerleader coach for the Cheerio squad. Very uptight and bossy, she is one big bully you don't want to mess with. She makes for a very good villain. She's just one of those characters that you just love to hate.
  • Finn and Rachel: Sorry about putting these characters together, but hey, they are obviously the star couple of this show. Both extremely talented teenagers, Finn is a jock discovering how much fun singing really is, and Rachel dreams of becoming a star, no matter what it takes. (I am mystified why people keep throwing drinks in her face, though. That is really rude. Who really does that in real life, and why?!) I'm probably not alone in this, but I think Finn is really cute. ^_^
  • Mercedes Jones: I think this girl is my favorite character out of the entire cast. She is amazing! Where did they find this girl? She has pipes like Aretha Franklin! She has the kind of voice that moves you and sends chills up your spine. Plus she's got a wonderful flair for fashion styles and sports a lot of spunky attitude.
  • Kurt Hummel: Okay, this guy is obviously gay. To me, he's also a really admirable and lovable character. He has a wonderful singing voice of his own, (I really enjoyed his solo in episode 16. ^_^) and isn't ashamed of the person he is. At least not visibly. The only thing that kind of... surprises me, sometimes, is how high his voice is. I don't believe I've ever heard a boy talk with such a high register. O,o But he's still a totally awesome character and I support him all the way. ^_^
  • Artie: He may be a nerd in a wheel chair, but he's still pretty cool. He sings really good. He hasn't been in the spotlight that much, from what I've seen so far, but hopefully that will be rectified.
  • And finally, we have Tina. ^_^ Automatically I love her because we almost share the same name. She seems a bit shy in the beginning, but I think in later episodes she gains confidence and is a loyal friend to the other Glee kids. I'm waiting for the spotlight to shine on her as well.
And finally, my third reason for loving this show?

It was recommended to me by a very good friend. ^_~ We have extremely similar tastes in many things, so I knew he had to be telling th truth when he said this show was amazing. And he's right. It is.

^_^ So join us. Become a Gleek. ^_^
*Bettina out.*

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J.N. Future Author said...

You asked who my favorite character was other Than Kurt and Sue, I said Britany, but also Emma, she is also a major favorite of mine!!! ^.^

You asked if Artie gets a bigger roll. There is one Episode where he does the song Safety Dance, I have not seen the episode, but I have seen that clip, and honestly I think he is the best dancer they have!!! It's just such a shame he is in a wheelchair though! When you see it, you'll know! ^.^