Saturday, September 25, 2010

Top 7 Reasons I'm happy this weekend. ^_^

(Warning: This could be a long one. O,o)

1: Just go back to my most recent post. Just that will undoubtedly keep me smiling for a week straight. ^_~

2: The other day I went to Best Buy with Annette and my dad. We had lots of fun playing with the iPad on display. (I'm not sure, but I think we might get one. ^_^ *cross fingers*). We also hung around the music section of the store, where we played with the electronic pianos and drum sets. There was one piano that was sooo cool, a Yamaha with 88 keys. We have an electric piano, but sorry, it's not one as cool as this one. Later we hung out at Borders too, which is always awesome. ^_^

As soon as we got home, my dad looked on Craigslist to see how much that special Yamaha piano went for if it was used. Clue: A lot less than in the store! So today he bought it and brought it home. It is so beautiful!
It has soooo many modes and settings and hilarious sound effects! And it shows you how to play certain songs! Like, the little screen shows you where to put your fingers and you play. I kid you not, I actually played Fur Elise on this baby. (Albeit, in a very slow and halting fashion. But still. SOOO much fun!!! ^_^ I'm like a real pianist!)

3: I've been wanting to blog about this for awhile, but kept forgetting. Recently my mom and brother got this JUMBO universal remote! Now there is NO way we will ever lose the remote again! (Not that we did lose the remote, but come on! Check the size of this thing! (This isn't me holding it. Just a picture I found online. But it looks almost exactly the same. Trust me.))
4: One of my favorite friends from the world of Blogger, Rani, has finally come back to blog again! I am so happy that you're back, Rani! You don't know how much I missed you and your fun posts and comments. *hugs!* ^_^ (What do you think? You made the list of reasons why I'm happy! You deserve it. ^_~)
5: I've been hearing from Jacoby lately on his blog and on Facebook how much he loves the show Glee. So I reserved the first season DVD from the library. I'm still waiting for it, but it won't be long now. Still, I was getting pretty darn curious what was so good about this show. Today I finally broke down and found the pilot episode online.
OMG! What an amazing show! The only thing I had a problem with was that the buffering was veeeeery slow. So it took a lot longer than 45 minutes for me to watch the episode. But it was completely worth watching the entire thing. The characters are so cool! Really well developed and thought out. And I love how there's almost always a song being sung, whether in the background, or by the characters.

So now I understand what all the hype is about! Thanks, Jacoby, for showing me the light! ^_~

6: Live from New York, it's a brand new episode of Saturday Night Live! I have missed this show so much! And Amy Pohler is hosting tonight!!! Whoo!
And finally, 7: Tomorrow night, it's the Siiiiimpsooooons. ^_^ It has also been too long since I've seen this show.
*Bettina out.* ^_~


J.N. Future Author said...

#6 ^.^ Yes, there is indeed light! ^.^

Rainy said...

7 is a good number. I'm glad to have made the list!

I once had an old keyboard like that, except it was old. It only taught you how to play one song, and it was that really pretty one from the "Titanic" movie. The keys you were supposed to press lit up in a red color. It was pretty cool.

That is indeed one BIG remote XD