Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jane Lynch on SNL!

Before I get to posting the meme Rainy tagged me for (and I will post it, don't you worry ^_~) I want to tell you about the awesomely hilarious SNL episode my sibs and I saw last night. Why was it so incredibly amazing and funny, you ask? Well...
This is why. ^_^

Jane Lynch was an amazing host last night. She was sooo funny in her special Jane Lynch way. All of last night's SNL skits ROCKED because of her. Especially the memorable and outstanding one in which the cast does a parody of Glee (of course, it had to happen with Lynch as host) and Sue Sylvester brings out a new student to join the New Directions. It was totally out of the blue, none of us saw it coming, but it was hilarious! Sue unleashed one of our old favorite Kristen Wiig characters, Gilly, on the Glee kids, and chaos ensued. Pure comedic genius. XD
If you don't believe me, just see the skit for yourself. You will LAUGH!
(You'll probably get more of a kick out of this if you're a Gleek. ^_~)
Another thing that was awesome about last night's episode was it's musical guest.
^_^ Bruno Mars. ^_^
This guy was totally a hit! I've heard his songs on the radio before and really liked them, but I never knew who was singing them. Now I can put a face to that sweet voice. ^_^ This is one of the songs he sang on the show. (In any case, the music video is simply amazing!!!)

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