Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This might be a long one...

Yeah, sorry for not blogging here for almost another week, guys. I know I keep putting up book reports, so that must make you happy, but I still feel a bit guilty for not writing here. A lot of cool stuff has been taking place in my life. Maybe some bad stuff too, but lots of good stuff, don't worry. Maybe I better tell you the bad news, just to get it over with...

On my writing day of the 6th, I didn't work very hard on my book. Only put in less than 2 hours, and I don't think I did good. I couldn't even give myself the excuse that at least I'd done some writing at all. And on the 7th, somehow I never even wrote at all! Can you believe it? It was the 7th, and I didn't make myself sit at the computer and produce any helpful words for my story. Right now I forget what else I was doing.

Hmmm, but I think in the morning, instead of doing my work, I was having a reading marathon, trying to finish The Hunger Games, which, granted, was a very good book and I was almost finished. See my review of it. It's the last book that I use that rigid form on.

Anyway, I didn't do much else. I don't know why, but I couldn't make myself write! That evening my siblings and I tried hanging out at our outdoor town center, because there was supposed to be this free weekend thing where lots of teenagers come to hang out or whatever. Since we're home schooled, all those teenagers probably know their friends from school, while we know no one. Sometimes I feel funny around people my own age. I feel a lot easier around grown-ups or babies, or even animals, but it's hard for me to get teens, even if my sister and I are 17.

We had pizza (which was too thin and cheesy and will never compare to our pizzas) and I tried flirting at a guy I saw, but I guess it didn't work. My version of flirting is trying my best to make eye contact and smile. But I'm too shy to keep it up. I need more practice. At the same time, I thought the night was a lame, yet maybe hopeful one. I can try better next time. It was certainly better than last Friday, when there was absolutely no one to be found. It was pretty cold then.

So I felt pretty frustrated with myself when I got home. I was really down in the dumps then, thinking I couldn't write and I couldn't make any friends and I would be lonely all my life except for Annette. But in hindsight, everyone needs those kind of times. You need to get very low in order to feel the high, happy stuff. Sure, the SNL episode that night was lame, but I was thrilled when they said the Jonas Brothers would be the musical guests next week, and that Alec Baldwin would be hosting. Can't wait for that. Hey, what can I say? I'm a girl. I love Jo Bros.

If you've read this far, then thanks for being such a good friend. Oh yeah, I guess I forgot how easy I am around virtual people. It's physical strangers my age I'm not sure about. Anyway, I bet you guys need a break. Here's an intermission of cute, silly animal pictures I found on Google Images. Just wait a bit while I go look for them...
Now, I'm not going to bother with the entire week I missed, because only yesterday was a really good one. Oh, but maybe I should tell you that a bit early on in the week, I and the blogger known as J. N. Future Author decided to become Team Members of each other's secondary blogs. So now I can put up funny pictures and, eventually, Jacoby will give his own book reviews. When he's not trying to reach his 100th post, that is. Yeah.

So yesterday I was very productive. I may not have written, but Annette and I studied for the SAT for a while, and then we started putting together a new Leslie and Kyle webisode on Windows Movie-Maker. It's a Valentines Day special, which will air on Feb. 14, of course. And no, don't go thinking that the puppets are going to go all mushy on each other. You'll see, it'll be funny and clean. Then I took pictures of the ginormous zucchini, which I saved as a post on Picture Perfect. Hopefully Jacoby will give it the okay soon and publish it.

I've been reading a book called The Last Invisible Boy, which, despite my suspicions, is a pretty nice book. I'll write a review on it sometime soon, since I'm almost done with it. Besides getting stuff from the market, my mom and brother also swung by the library and picked up 4 heavy books I'd had on reserve, one of which is the Twilight sequel, New Moon! I'm definitely going to dive into that book next. I can't wait.

Last night was probably the most fun though. It was movie night again, and there were a load of options this time. We could have seen Bedtime Stories, or Marley and Me, but we all went to see the hilarious Yes Man.

Jim Carrey is absolutely the best. This is now my all-time favorite Jim Carrey movie. So many funny stuff. I don't want to reveal too much, because it's so much funnier when it's a surprise, but it was really awesome. Jim does so much cool stuff when he says Yes to things. I'm sorry to blab this, but he goes to a friend's Harry Potter costume party and it is so funny! For that part alone, HP fans have got to see this movie. Also, in the very end, when the credits are rolling, he does this cool thing where he skates with his body downhill. It looks like a totally awesome extreme sport.

When we got home, I also saw 3 fantastic YouTube videos that I really want to share with you, but instead of embedding them here and taking up a load of space, I'll just give you their links. This is for a song that was in Yes Man that I really liked, Jumper. The next is for a very good trailer of Coraline. If you're going to avoid trailers like James Dashner, than don't watch it, but I really liked it, and I think it's worth watching anyway. I'm subscribed to the YouTube channel ImprovEverywhere, and they came up with this awesome clip. It really makes you feel good.

And now I am very nearly done with this ultra long post. Thanks for sticking it out. Those who've reached this point are my closest friends. I'll try to work extra hard on this Writing Day, but I'm starting to question the importance I put on writing on a stupid schedule. Also stay tuned for probably another long post, although that one has to be long because it's so personal. Don't worry, you'll see. Or maybe you won't see, because you're so tired of reading this giant post. But I hope you'll stick with me, being my closest friends and all. Please? Stay tuned.


J.N. Future Author said...

wow! that was a long post!!! ^.^

We're your friends! I'll always try and be here! I promise.

I didn't know you are home-schooled.

Friends are pretty difficult to make...but honestly, I think online friends are way cool! Usually you can tell their personality from the way they act and write. I could tell right off that you were awesome!

the only downside is there is no physical contact involved. sometimes when someone is feeling down all the want is a hug and a smile. Or to hang out. or go shopping and going out for fast food.

Its not that you can't be extremely close friends by writing letters, or blogging...its just sometimes you need to know the person you are talking to is just as human as you are. online I'm able to hide all hurtful emotions, most faults and lots of my problems. In some ways that makes me so...unrealistic. you don't see the down side that makes us who we are, only the emotions we portray through writing.

Also, I could be someone else for all you know. but I'm not! ^.^ James Dashner has seen me in person, as well as someone else that posts on my blog (they don't like me bringing it up) besides, I'm not going to hide behind someone I'm not!
hehe "presenting! the Leslie and Lyle sock puppet show! starring Leslie! and, Kyle!" I hear that every single time I think of it! I'll watch a new one!

the last invisible boy? now I finally have a reason to use my library card! (I have never used it...our school always has books if I'm looking for something new to read) as for new moon, have fun! and don't get depressed!

ah man! I want to see Yes Man so badly! but while my family went to see it I went over to a friends house...

I'll have to see those clips when I finally get my computer back!
hehe ^.^, your sounding insecure Bettina ^.^ We'll never leave! ever! If it makes you feel better, a few months ago I thought for what ever reason that Brian and Q would stop posting on my blog because I was gone for a week...I was so worried. I guess I'm not secure about internet friends either, because if they wanted to, the could vanish in the blink of an eye and you would never know what happened to them...

but no, I'll never leave. and yes, you are one of my best friends in the world! and another yes, this is WAY too long! sorry!

J.N. Future Author said...

O.o 2 errors!

I meant "all they" not "The"

and I said Lyle and not Kyle!