Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inside my head

Okay, I realize that I haven't blogged here since Valentine's Day. Well, I blogged about how much I loved New Moon, but that doesn't count. I've got a bunch of thoughts chasing each other in my head that I need to get rid of. I wish I had a Pensive to get rid of my thoughts the right way, but I'll have to do without it. Here are some thoughts that are foremost on my mind:
  • I am spending way too much time thinking about Blogger. It's almost like I'm addicted to it.
  • Having said that, I'm really expectant and excited about Dashner's promise to tell the rules about how a huge fan can get an ARC of Maze Runner.
  • I am also thinking a lot about another particular blogger's promise concerning today. He's supposed to come back from Cali today and, if he gets his own back, will send me the prologue I've been waiting ages for. (Though if you do not happen to get your computer returned to you, Jacoby, I will totally understand.)
  • I'm very guilty with myself because I haven't been writing an awful lot lately. I've missed, like, 3 entire Writing Days now. I'd wanted to write my book on Valentine's Day (you know, 14), but I can weakly excuse myself because it was a holiday. But I have no excuse for not writing yesterday. I haven't used Write or Die in a long time. I wonder if that will help give me a jump-start or something.
  • On the 19th, 2 days from now, I'll be starting some sort of improvisation class. I'm looking forward to it sooooo much. Has anyone heard of the show Who's Line is it Anyway? Well, I know it probably won't be like that, but I hope it's gonna be lots of fun. There'll be loads of kids near my age there, so hopefully I'll make plenty new friends. Basically though, I don't have much idea of what to expect from this class. Still, I'm very impatient for it to be the 19th already! If I had a time machine, I'd use it right now to fast-forward over these two insignificant days. I know, I know, I shouldn't call them insigificant. I can't predict anything about the future. But why can't I get to the Improv class right now?!
  • Also on February 19, I plan on writing a special post about the book I'm writing. It'll make a very good story.
  • In less than 4 weeks, I'll be taking the SAT test again. I took it before back in November '08, but wasn't happy with my scores. So, until March 14 comes around, I'll be studying very hard. Especially on my math. That was my downfall in the first test. My sister and I are studying with the help of a huge SAT book borrowed from the library. We're not taking any classes or bothering with any tutors. We're doing this ourselves. I think we do much better work when we're teaching ourselves. We make a good team. I think I'll set a new timer to count down until test day.
  • As soon as I'm finished with Erec Rex #2, I still have a ton of books that I really want to read. I'm not sure I'll know where to start. But never mind. I don't need to worry about books here when I have another blog just for that.
  • Tonight is movie night, and we plan on seeing Bedtime Stories. I hope it's a good one. I wish Coraline would come to that theater, but it only shows films that are very close to coming out on DVD. If I saw it at any other theater, the tickets would be a lot more expensive. I should consider myself lucky that I go to a theater that only charges 99 cents on Tuesdays.
If I came up with another thought bugging me, that would make 10, but I've got nothing. Too bad. Still, I feel a little bit better now. Thanks for listening to my ramblings, friends. I know I'm totally thinking me me me, and I feel a little selfish and self-centered after writing this post, but hey, isn't the point of keeping a blog to be a bit of a vain idiot? ^,^


J.N. Future Author said...

arcs are going to be really cool! trust me, the book is A+ quality! completly amazing!

I never got my computer back....grrr

Q said...

SAT math = death.

Brian said...

Blogger can be very addicting when you have a lot to talk about or have some free time. I haven't blogged in a while because my computer was broken.

I can't wait for Maze either. You're so lucky to have read it already Jacoby!!!

Welcome back from California, Jacoby.

I love Who's Line!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the funniest show ever! My dad and I watch it all the time.

Bedtime Stories is pretty good. I liked it! Well, See you later!