Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Promises and Procrastinations

I feel like I've got a lot to write about. I'm kicking myself because I wanted to write so much yesterday, and all I wrote were a couple of book posts on my other blog. I wanted to write about what a fun Sunday at the beach I had, my take on how the Oscars went, maybe a post about how much I remember loving Dashner Dude's Journal of Curious Letters and how I can't wait for book 2. (James, if you're reading this, you are allowed to skip all this and scroll down to item number 3. What do you think?) I also know you guys are probably wondering about my Imazian story and hoping I'll write more about it, eh? No? Well, if you don't, that's fine too.

The problem is, my biggest flaw is that I'm a huge procrastinator. It's easy for me to let certain things slide, and then I regret them later. What is the biggest cause of my procrastination? The books I read. I love to read, that's all, and some of the books I pick up are too good for my own good. I must keep turning the pages or I won't know what happens next, gosh darn the consequences.

Um, you probably won't like this, but I also think that maybe -- only maybe -- the second biggest culprit of my procrastination is... blogging. I'm sorry, but seriously, I spend a lot of time with blogging on my mind, and I fear it's almost too much. I check my emails all the time (that's how I get comments. Do you know how to do that?), I'm always going up to my dashboard, seeing if any of my friends have come up with something new. It's madness!

Speaking of which, I got my MAD yesterday. It's a pretty good issue. I like the cartoons the best. Also the fold-in. How many of you guys get MAD? None? Well, it is a bit of a stupid magazine, so I can understand, but I like it's brand of humor.

Okay, that was off subject. Sorry about that. So how am I gonna make my conscience feel better? Well, I think the best thing for now will be to write about each of the things I mentioned as brief as I can. So here I go:

1 ~ Sunday at the beach was so much fun. I relaxed and read my book Join Me (got nearly half way through), I ran into the ocean and swam all the way to the sandbar (though I only stayed in for, what, a minute? It was pretty cold!), I played Acey-Deucey with my friend Anna (Acey Deucey is a variation on the game Backgammon, BTW. It's named so because the most special roll of the dice in the game is a one and a two. An Ace and a Deuce), and there was this live music thing playing where my young brother, Adam, dressed up like Elvis and sang Blue Suede Shoes.

He was reeeally good! Everyone on the beach heard him and loved him. Well, except those people waaay in the back, near the shore, they couldn't hear him. But everyone in the near vicinity thought he was awesome. I'm sorry to say I didn't get any footage of him doing it this time, but if you want to see the next best thing, my brother sings the very same song in this YouTube vid. It's the most popular vid on our channel!

Also near the end of the day, my parents introduced me to their friend Mike, who I thought was nice. We got talking and they (my parents) said how good my twin sister and I are on computers. Geniuses, whizzes. (I'm so modest!) So Mike says we're probably good at hacking and stuff, and I jokingly reply, "No, we use our powers for good, not evil." He laughed at that. Powers, yeah right. But he thought it was a good slogan for us. I suppose it is. Hmm... Maybe I'll put it in my title. "I promise to use all my powers for good, not evil." What do you think?

2 ~ So later that night, I was excited for watching the Oscar awards. My mom told us that the Jo Bros would be interviewed by Barbara Walters. That was sooo cool to watch. These guys have really come far. It's amazing how none of her tough questions seemed to phase them. I loved seeing the pictures of when they were younger. Alright, enough Jonas talk.

I watched all of the Oscars show, if you'll believe me. Stayed up to watch all the awards handed out. I recorded everything in my notebook as it was happening. Which famous celebrities came out to announce the nominees, which films got nominated (I didn't write down names of the people who worked on the movies, only actors. Directors and costume designers and all those people in the background, I don't much care about them. Also, I don't much care about the foreign films or documentaries, so those are the exceptions), and which films won.

My sister has already said this in her blog, but I was a bit personally offended when the movie Wall-E won only one Oscar and Slumdog Millionaire won eight. What on earth does Slumdog Millionaire have over Wall-E? For those who have seen this multi-Oscar winner, it might not be a mystery to you, but for me, who has not seen it, it is. So there.

3 ~ Well, let's see. I finished Dashner's first 13th Reality book a few months back. It's almost scary how long ago I read it! But I think I can still remember how good it was. It was all about this kid who recieved mysterious letters containing very unusual riddles that he had to solve for something really important. I loved the riddles. How the heck did you come up with them James? It was so fun trying to figure it out for myself, but I guess Tick was smarter than me in that case.

There are funny characters, Tick has close shaves in Alaska, he makes a friend from Italy. He even involves his dad in the whole adventure. How many parents of book characters can say that? I'm also fascinated with Quantum Physics, and it's cute how it's referred to as the Kyoopee (did I spell that right? I forget now). I also liked that another friend Tick makes was from Florida, and he and his two friends keep in touch through the internet and it's so much fun. The best part was when they went to that other Reality though, and actually did some world saving stuff.

I cannot possibly wait to have Dark Infinity in my hands so that I can read it! I believe I'm about as excited as when I was waiting to buy the 7th Harry Potter book a year or two back. I was in Israel at the time and we bought it the day after it came out (yes, Harry Potter books I will buy. I've got all 7 stacked in my room). I remember holding it so reverently and wondering what kind of story would be revealed in its few hundred pages. *sigh* I think Dashner's book is going to hold the same feeling for me when I get a hold of it.

BTW, I saw that the countdown has now changed to days until Maze Runner. I can't wait for that to come out either. Please tell me James. Is this review worthy of an ARC? Or will I have to wait almost an entire year until it comes out? Go ahead, be cruel.

4 ~ I don't know about you, but I don't think I have the energy to write about my book here. It'll probably take too long. I know I have a lot to tell, so it's best if I save it for another post. Sorry to disappoint you.

Good. I wrote about everything I could. I'll write again soon. I hope. Don't miss me if I don't. (Sorry about not having any cheerful pictures to look at while you scrolled through this long post.)

*Edit* Oh, by the way Q, thanks a lot for your email about my Imazian character post. I liked your advice and I'm going to think about what you said. If you have any tips for me in the future, I will highly appreciate them.


J.N. Future Author said...

I cringe to think what Q wrote too you

Q said...

I'm so glad you appreciated it. I was so worried you'd be offended--writing is a touchy, personal subject, and people often do. I would be happy to send you my thoughts as often as I have them, though I'll probably email instead of comment.