Friday, February 20, 2009

Improv Class

Before I start, I just want to thank you guys for showing interest in my book. I thought it was funny that a couple other people started talking about their work soon after I did. I should share my stuff a lot more often. Besides, it feels good sharing with you. Maybe next time I'll tell you about some more of my characters. Just remember not to copy anything from me. (Except for J.N., he's got dibs on imagic. ^,~)

Anyway, I wanted to blog about what happened last night. Remember from Inside my Head? I talked about this improv class of which I knew nothing about? Well, I took it. And it was so much fun!

There were 14 kids in all, including me and my sibs, and to introduce each other we played a game where we say our name, say a funny adjective that has the same letter as our name, and then make a wild motion. Then we go around and repeat all the names we hear and copy the motions.

It's very effective, and fun. I learned a lot of peoples names by hearing them as Saucy Sam, Energetic Eric, Robotic Robin, Notorious Noah, Artistic Ariel, Radical Rebecca, Jumping Jordan, and a bunch of others. I was Brilliant Bettina, in case you were curious. ^,~

There were a bunch of games we played to exercise our improvisation skills, like the Mirror Game. I partnered with Saucy Sam, who is tall with curly hair and blue eyes, but he's 13. He's still really funny though. And a game called This is Your Life, where one person is the main character who knows nothing about his life except for what other characters tell him. Like, we have to establish a relationship with him right away so he can react to us. I pretended to be a girl's grandmother.

Oh, something incredible happened at the class, I almost forgot. Before class even started, like early yesterday morning, I kind of had a premonition that I would see a friend or two from my old rehearsals of the play High School Musical. The play wasn't so good, but I made a lot of friends there. I played Taylor (even though I'd reeeallly wanted to be Gabriella) and I was good friends with my understudy, Lexi. I also liked the guy who played Chad, named Eric. Anyway, I was thinking what if I saw a couple of my friends at improv class, but then realized that chances weren't high. Still, soon after we arrived, I saw Lexi come in and I was really surprised and glad to see her. It's good to have a familiar face. Plus there was Energetic Eric, but he wasn't the Eric I knew. I liked my Eric better; Energetic Eric didn't want to participate much. He just wanted a chair to sit in, so he wasn't that energetic. Even so, that's a whopper of a coincidence, huh?

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this Improv class. We only have 8 more sessions to go. I definitely have to learn to improvise while keeping a straight face, because some things are funny. Keep watching, er, reading! Especially for Imazian updates. I think today, because of you guys sharing your stories-in-progress, I'm inspired to write some more today. But I'm definitely going to share more with you later.


J.N. Future Author said...

Imagic! ^.^ Thanks Bettina! I get way excited every time I think of it! ^.^

And it is totally your fault I posted about my first idea! ^.~ I was doing the truth post when I went crazy and instead wrote about the book...

so its all your fault ^.^

Improv sounds like so much fun! I hope your having a wonderful time!

and with the play, you have to get some video of it! ^.^ it would be much fun to watch!

Q said...

Improv is really fun when you have people who are willing to do it, too.

Ever played Park Bench?

Magenta said...

Jacoby ~ I hope to see your truth post soon.

I don't have any footage of me in HSM, but my brother Adam played an Elvis impersonator in the play. I don't know, the director wanted an Elvis song in there for some reason. We have it up on YouTube, and it's our most popular vid!

Here's the link:

Q ~ How do you play Park Bench?

Q said...

Two people sit on a bench or two chairs next to each other, and one tries to get the other to get up without touching him/her. The other person must also follow the rule that if he/she would actually get up, he/she must get up in the game. Once one person has left, the remaining person slides over and a new player tries to get the first off the bench. It's quite fun.