Thursday, February 5, 2009

George Carlin is Hilarious!

Tonight I saw a seriously super funny DVD! Do you guys have any idea who George Carlin is? When I was very young, George Carlin meant the funny, raspy voice that sometimes narrated Thomas the Tank Engine episodes instead of Ringo Starr, who I liked better (he's a Beatle, for one thing). Before seeing this stand-up routine of his, the best thing I knew him for was doing the voice of the VW bus Filmore in the Pixar film Cars. Not anymore!

This was a routine of his called Jammin' in New York. Trust me, you've got to check this out if you have any appreciation for humor and stand-up comedians. George is hil-ar-i-ous! Of course, you've got to watch out for the language he throws out there, like f... and s... and body parts, but if you tune all that stuff out and just focus on the jokes he tells, he is the funniest guy ever! I'm 17, so I don't mind language like that so much. I don't use it myself, but I tolerate it. It's just words, after all. Words, like anything else. You can percieve those words any way you want to.

But really, after finishing watching this movie, I just felt so good! So energised! You know why? Because I laughed so hard! I honestly can not remember a time that I've laughed so much! At one point I was lying on the floor, tears straming from my eyes, and I was, like, laughing that silent laugh where you're laughing so hard that it no longer comes out! It's a hysterical thing! And it makes other people laugh equally hard to see you laughing your heart out, because that kind of laughter is contagious! Honestly, it was as if I was being tickled inside, except it felt better, oh so much better! I didn't want to stop laughing because it felt so much fun, but finally I felt I had to stop because we'd paused for long enough and I had to see what else the guy did.

George Carlin is soooo funny. I don't think anyone has gotten such a big rise out of me in such a long time. Not SNL's recent episodes, not the comedies I've seen lately. With those I make a little titter, by comparison, or a little smile, signifying "Oh, yeah, I get that joke, ha ha." This guy's stand-up was hilarious. I could have died laughing and been the happiest person in the world. (Wait a minute, what am I saying? That isn't totally true. I still haven't been published!)

He talks on a large range of subjects, like the little things we have in common with each other, (you know how you're walking down stairs and you think there's an extra step? How about when you fall asleep in the afternoon and you wake up when it's dark and you think it's yesterday?) or what's wrong with the airline system, (I don't want to get on the airplane! I'd rather be in one, wouldn't you? And thanks very much for teaching me to use a seatbelt!) and even about the environment. Near the end he sounded almost philosophical, but he's so funny. He was definitly a fun guy to be around.

The only thing that makes me sad is remembering that George Carlin is dead. Hard to believe it was only last summer (or Yellow Season, as I like to call it). I love this guy's sense of humor, and it's incredible how quickly and effectively I took to his jokes. It's all the more unfortunate that he'll never come up with something fresh again. But it also makes me more grateful that we have this kind of material on DVD. To be borrowed from the library at any time. I wish I owned a copy. It would be the best medicine against sickness or blueness.

Everyone who reads this should seriously look into getting this movie and seeing it with a close friend or your family and have a great, fun laugh. If you're anything like me, you will not regret it, I promise. Phew! I've written a long post. I didn't mean to ramble for so long. But if my words somehow cause you to go out and seek this George Carlin routine, then I suppose I've done my job! See ya tomorrow!


LouMac said...

Hey! Thanks for the advice. I think I will get the movie. It sounds funny!!!

J.N. Future Author said...

Ah! you watched Thomas! ^.^ I did too! I think I still might have a train from that era....a loooong time ago.

so George Carlin. I'll have to look him up! is he the one that mixes music and jokes together? That guy is really funny also (but he died a little while ago)