Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl XVIII and other news

Last night, history was made. Football history. I may not be a huge football fan, but I always look forward once a year to watching the Super Bowl.

It was really good, and I had a lot of fun at the party I attended to see it. Good food (4 slices of pizza. Not as good as ours though, which we'll have tomorrow) and sweet cats. There was a gray cat named Mouse (funny), an orange one without a tail named Spaz, and an adorable orange kitten that didn't really have a name, but we called him Mo. Mo was fun to hold.

Anyway, back to the historical Super Bowl. For those who didn't get to stay up long enough to see it (I know most of you have school today, unlike me, because I'm home-schooled. Ha! Did you see it, Lonnie?), or just plain weren't intrested, it was the Arizona Cardinals VS. the Pittsburg Steelers. Annette and I rooted for the Cardinals, because we used to live for a time in Pheonix, before Adam, our brother, was born. Adam was for the Steelers, because President Obama apparently wanted them to win. Looks like Barack picked the good team. The Steelers ended up winning 27-23. Good thing I didn't put any money on the Cardinals. ^,^

Watching the game was really fun though, even if Arizona didn't win. Both teams played so well, and the whole thing was suspenseful. The commercials were good too. My favorite one was with Mr. and Mrs. Potato-Head driving and Mrs.'s mouth comes off. It was cool when we got to wear 3-D glasses after half-time. A preview for the film Monsters VS. Aliens (Hmm, looks sorta okay) and a commercial for something else, where everyone is dancing, like lizards and monsters from the above movie. There was also a preview for the Pixar movie Up. I don't know so much about that. I loved Wall*E a whole lot, but I think this looks like it'll be so-so. I really loved the musical performances. Jennifer Hudson singing the national anthem? Wowee-wow-wow! What a rendition! The music behind her really made it. And Bruce Springsteen? So awesome. Especially all the perfectly timed fireworks and his trick with the guitar at the end.

Alright, I'm done with raving. It was a great night, let's keep it at that. In other news, Feb. 4 will be my first Writing Day, so watch out. The movie Coraline will come out very soon, and for everyone who hasn't already seen Dashner Dude's latest post, Dark Infinity has been moved up a week! So exciting. I commented the Dude immediatly, and very soon after he commented me back, which was really cool and nice. I notice that there will be a Friday the 13th this month. Ooooh! Watch out for bad luck! Just kidding. I don't believe in that old superstition myself.

Side note: How's the grounded status, Jacoby? Owh aubot em rinadeg yuor pgourole, ro yuor oehtr wnigtris? Pesale? Seomimte tihs mntoh, mybae?

Another side note: Recently we uploaded a new version of our language program, which allows the user to mix up the order of the letters. A good feature for checking if you really know your ABCs. We still don't have letter sounds for Greek or Arabic, and we didn't animate Cyrillic yet, so sorry ahead of time. There's nothing wrong with your speakers. BTW, don't try mixing up the numbers. There's a bit of a bug there, so it gets really messy. (Hmm, now that I told you not to, are you going try it anyway? Because you really shouldn't. The effect is not pretty. Really, don't try it! Don't let reverse psychology work on you! Darn it.)

Okay, I'm signing off now. I'll write again soon. See ya!


LouMac said...

Hey! I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but I was rooting for the Cardinals as well. They had never been there before so I wanted them to do good. (They did good anyways!) My mom also used to babysit the head coach's kids when they were the St. Louis Cardinals. So we wanted them to win.

Also, I thought that Friday the 13th was good luck. I thought it used to be bad luck, but everyone now is telling me that it was good luck! Hmmm...I am confused!!!

Oh well! I will have to look into it myself!

Brian said...

It was a good Super Bowl. I was rooting for the cardinals though.