Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My various thoughts

Right now I'm at the library computer, writing this post like I'm hitting typewriter keys. The keyboard is so annoyingly bulky. Anyway, I got 3 new books just now. You'll hear about them in my book blog, I'm sure. I just wanted to catch you guys up on my thoughts.

For example, yesterday we made great pizzas, this time with cheese, and yellow tomatoes. Since I'm at the library I can't put up the picture I took of one of my slices, but I'll do it later when I get home. They were really good. I appreciate them more since we decided we'd make them only once a month on the first tuesday. Also for our movie night, we'd originally wanted to see 7 pounds, with Will Smith, but it was sold out. Bolt and The Day the Earth Stood Still (TDtESS) were also playing, but it was hard for the 5 of us to decide which to see. Finally, our mom went to see Bolt with Adam while Annette and I saw TDtESS with our dad.

That was a really good movie, in my opinion. It stars Keanue Reeves, from the Matrix and also has Jaden Smith (at least we got to see a Smith) and John Cleese plays a cameo. I don't want to reveal too much of the movie (I want to be like Dashner Dude and not give much away) but it's a remake from 1951 and it was so good that I want to see the original. I've already reserved it.

Today was a Writing Day, but I don't think I did so good. I only worked for a couple hours. Then again, I shouldn't beat myself up. At least I actually did work. Though I didn't put in as much time as I would have liked, I think I did good work on rewriting an action scene. I made it so there's an extra character in it. I'd like to talk about my book more, but I'm just not in the mood right now. I've got two other Writing Days on the 6th and 7th. Maybe then.

My dad has expressed that I should do my writing on another computer, besides the one I usually use. This Dell laptop is really good, and very quick. But we also use the laptop for working on the language program and such. Our Sony, on the other hand, is rarely used anymore. We moved all the pictures on it to the Dell, to save space. It's got a slow connection and it sometimes has a problem with the screen. Like, this jagged line starts dancing in the middle of it if you accidentally shake it or something. You know what I'm talking about? Anyway, despite all it's quirks, I've decided to put my book document on the Sony and work on it there. I emailed it to myself before we had to go to the library.

Besides my 3 pieces of fiction, Annette and I are checking out a huge SAT practice book. The one we reserved was taking muuuuch to long to come in, and the closest test is in March. We'll have to get down to some hard studying. I took the test before in November, but didn't do so good as I would have liked. Annette neither. So we're gonna take it again and see how we do. I'm not sure whether I'll decide to go off to college or not. I don't know where I'd go, except I once dreamt of going to Harvard. You need to be veeeery smart though, and I don't know about that kind of life for me anyway. There're other routes I can take, if only I can decide how I want to spend my future. Besides publishing a novel, I'm not sure what I want to do with my life. I know I'd like to travel a lot...

But I'll leave the future where it belongs. I want to be back in the present. Yikes, I'm down to 15 minutes in my session. So, I had a couple ideas for alternate titles for my blog. I have Bettina's Books, so maybe Bettina's Blog? Bettina's blah blah blog? The Pink Place? Pinky's Corner? My mom suggested Tina the Page Turner. Get it? Tina Turner? Bettina? Forget it. Hmm, maybe something to do with my book? Like Magenta Majik or something? Give me your opinions.

Personally, I'm pretty attached to My first blog...ever. So Ezra, maybe you can change yours?
Jacoby, I just want to say, in the nicest and friendliest way possible, that you're not excused from showing me your prologue. I would still like very much to see it. I think that's everything. So I'll post the pizza picture later when I'm home. See ya!

Edit~~~ I'm home now, so here it is! Don't start drooling on your computer now!


Magenta said...

Oh, and thanks Brian. Tell Esra I appreciate it.

Brian said...

No Problem. His blog is pretty much entirely about lacrosse, so I told him to base it off of that.

J.N. Future Author said...

in nicest friendliest way possible: if I had my computer i would send it to you right now, even if its incomplete.

brain has a brother?

LouMac said...

Hey, that pizza does look good!