Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, you guys know what day it is. Hearts and cupids and people buying candies and things for their loved ones. I know, all mushy stuff. But this year I wanted to send the friends I've made on this blogging adventure a V-mail, a special valentine message, from me. Unfortunately, most of my friends don't show their email address in plain view, so I've only managed to throw V-mails out at J.N. Future Author, Q and the author Kaza Kingsley. Brian, LouMac, and even the Dashner Dude (if he ever reads this!), if only for today, I hope you'll give me your email addresses so I can send you your personal message.

In the meantime, we just put up the new Leslie and Kyle episode! It's so funny. When Annette and I showed our mom, she laughed a lot. We hope you do too. The video is still processing right now, but I hope you see it sometime during the day on YouTube. When it's all ready, I'll put it up here.

*Edit* Alright, the Leslie and Kyle episode is good to go! Here's the link. I hope you guys like it.

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