Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bedtime Stories review

Alright, I'm back from the theater. I just have to say that I enjoyed watching Bedtime Stories almost as much as I did Yes Man. (Note the keyword: almost.) I thought it was very funny, and the stories were really good. Adam Sandler is such a good guy in this story. The kids were also really sweet.

The only bad thing I have to say about the movie is that I seriously did not agree with that mom's "green" values. Wheat germ cake or whatever that was? It looked like grass! And she didn't let the children watch TV or play video games or do anything that kids are supposed to percieve as fun?

I think this is a scheme by the movie-making people to dissuade people from being healthy by teasing the characters that eat tofu stuff and drive Priuses and showing how much fun the characters that eat junk food and watch TV have.

Being a vegetarian, I completely resent that. Vegetarians are not restricted to eating tofu and wheat germ or soy milk or whatever. Helloooo, we eat vegetables! Colorful, full-of-sun-energy vegetables, and fruits! Plus, no one says we have to swear off junk food. Everything in moderation, right? Anyways, I don't like whoever decided to put those subtle teasings in the script. They are trying to hypnotize you into buying their junky brand products. It's all a big conspiracy. Stop the madness!

Speaking of madness, I hope we get our new issue of MAD magazine soon. But that's off the subject.

Bedtime Stories was honestly a lot of fun to see, when you choose to overlook the evil hypnotist plot underneath it. (I'm just kidding!) I gotta tell you, the audience was really responsive for this film, laughing in all the right places. I had a lot of favorite parts in it. Like when Adam Sandler is at the party and supposed to do the theme presentation and a bee stings his tongue, so he has to speak in gibberish, just like in the story when his character speaks in an alien language. Also he was so scared because in the end of the story he thinks he's going to catch fire, and then... Oh, but then that would spoil the punchline for you guys.

Just keep this movie on your films to see list, in case you haven't already. Oh, but then maybe some of you have, since our theater gets popular movies a few weeks after the other theaters do. Anyway, I guess that's all I have to say in my review. Thanks for reading. And watch out for conspiracies!!!


Q said...

Wow, I never would have taken you for a conspiracy theorist... :P

J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ hehe, that was a funny review! full of color and sun energy!