Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Before Boston

Just like last year, when Annette and I were getting ready to fly up to Boston all by ourselves, the day before we head off is going extremely slowly. I woke at like 7:00 this morning, and puttered away at the computer a bit, then when everyone else was up I helped gather up everything that we needed to pack and organized our rooms and stuff like that.

Then I went on a walk with my Dad and siblings. There were gray clouds outside, but we didn't take an umbrella with us. We didn't think it would rain that much on our walk. Well, it didn't at first, but then later...
It did. =P
Both ways.
It was so funny. All 4 of us were absolutely soaked to the skin by the time we got to the supermarket! Secretly, I liked it, though. I love getting caught in the rain. I love getting all wet without swimming or taking a shower (though it's sad that my clothes get soaked too). And when the rain is particularly cold and hard, and I finally get to a dry place, I can do nothing but simply laugh at the absurdity of it all. ^_^

After we got home and dried off, I didn't really know what to do, so I hung out in my room, lying on my bed. It's my last day before another big trip. I always feel sorry to leave my comfortable bed behind when we travel. So I was lying down, letting my thoughts wander, and then before I knew it...
I was asleep.
at least one new poem every day. Kind of like the 7 poems in 7 days challenge I gave myself back in December (that long ago already? 0,o). That'll definitely keep my creative juices flowing. And I'll probably have lots of inspiration while I'm traveling.

This is a personal challenge for myself, but if anyone wants to join me in this endeavor, you're more than welcome. ^_~ I'll post all my poems to my Poetry Corner, though I'll make sure to link each one of them in this blog

Just wanted you guys to know all that.

Have a wonderful day! *Bettina out*

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