Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Never mind

Whoever is reading this right now, I'd like to say I'm sorry. I wrote a post a few days ago, asking people to comment my blogs because I've been feeling a little lonely here in Blogger-world. After publishing that post, which didn't get many comments, as I sadly expected (except for that 1 person whose comments always count as 10 comments to me ^_~), I started thinking, "Hey, maybe it doesn't matter that I don't get comments. I'm writing these blogs because I want to, not because someone has a gun to my head, or is putting money in my hand, or anything like that. I'm doing this for me."

So my friends, you are off the hook. I don't care whether people comment or not (though I would certainly enjoy it ^_^). I'll continue to comment my friends when they blog, because I like to do that sort of thing, and I won't expect the same thing from them, because they'll still by my friends whether they comment or not. In the meantime, I'll post whatever I think is post-worthy and let people decide for themselves whether or not it is comment-worthy.

Thank you. And now for something completely different.
Yesterday my family and I went to the theater expecting to see "Karate Kid" together, but that was sold out. So no Jaden Smith or Jackie Chan. *sad* ~,~ Luckily "Eclipse" was also playing, so my sibs and I saw that instead while my parents enjoyed a film called "Solitary Man".

For some reason, since finishing the book Eclipse over a year ago, I'd forgotten most of the plot. I remembered there newborns were introduced and the vampires had to do battle for some reason, but I didn't quite remember why. So basically, I was in the same boat as my brother and sister, who have never even read the book before, with just a slight advantage. As the film progressed, I started remembering all the elements and I remembered why I'd liked the story so much in the first place.

I think Eclipse the book ranks as my least favorite Twilight novel, but the movie... Wow! It's definitely my favorite in the film Saga. The acting was really good (for some reason, Kirsten Stewart's face reminded me of a young Kiera Knightly 0,o), the effects were better, I think (Edward glitters in the sun better, and the wolves are SO convincing), and some scenes were really funny.

I loved the humor in this movie. ^_^ I most definitely think this movie made me smile, maybe laugh, more than "Twilight" or "New Moon" did. For example, the first time Jacob has his shirt off in this movie (Taylor Lautner is still incredibly hot 0,o) and Edward sees him and he says "Doesn't he have a shirt?" My theater collectively laughed at that joke. Also when Jacob explained to Bella's dad that he'd kissed her and she'd broken her hand from trying to punch him (he was like a brick wall!). Oh, but the funniest part had to be when Bella, Edward and Jacob are in the tent on that mountain in the blizzard, and Bella's freezing, so there's no choice but for Jacob to make her warm. So he says to Edward, both guys with a completely straight face, "I am hotter than you." ^__^ Hilarious. Very much the highlight of the movie.

In other news, James Dashner's contest for a genuine ARC of "The Scorch Trials" now has over 200 entries! That is unbelievable! I think this is his biggest contest yet. The contest ends tomorrow, so there's still plenty of time for you to enter. Just click here. Of course, there are 200+ people who came before you, including me (I have 3 comments in there, actually. Don't know if this will improve my chances of winning, but still. 0,o), but I believe that there will be more chances to get a Scorch ARC very soon. ^_^ You can visit this blog for more details and updates.

For now I think that's all I'll be blogging, so happy reading and happy living. Catch you later. Peace! ^_^

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