Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Busy in Boston

Okay, looks like I messed up on the poetry thing a tiny bit. I came up with a poem about walking around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, but it was in very rough shape when I wrote it, so I haven't posted it yet. I still need to sit down and fix it. Plus I didn't write any poems for the last couple days. *sad.* ~,~

I know, I know. Probably no one cares that I'm breaking my own rules, but this was supposed to be a challenge for myself, and so far I'm failing it. Therefore, I'm going to change my rules a bit. Instead of writing EVERY day for 3 weeks, I'm just going to write as much as I possibly can. No pressure at all.
On a different subject, Boston is amazing. ^_^ Since we come here every summer, after just a few days I feel like I've lived here my entire life instead of Florida. Today I visited Harvard Square with my brother and sister. When we were hungry, we went to Au Bon Pan and shared some wraps and soup in a bread bowl! That's the first time I've ever had that. I highly recommend it. *yum*

Speaking of bread (haha, funny picture, no?), we're going to visit a Boston Toastmasters club as guests tonight. I'm pretty excited about going. I've been a member of my club, Beacon Point Toastmasters, for almost an entire year now. I'm curious about how other TM clubs run their meetings. Maybe I'll make some new friends...

The other day we went to the library, and I had lots of fun reading graphic novels, and suddenly I saw these cards at a desk, advertising a very special event in one of the library rooms. Suzanne Collins, author of the popular Hunger Games Trilogy, is coming to Boston on August 31st! To my library! ^_^ I think it's so amazing, the number of celebrities I am having the privilege to meet this year.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem she'll be signing books, just giving them each a stamp or something. Something wrong with her hand. But at least people get to take pictures with her, and perhaps talk to her. And at least now I've got a reason to buy this book, and not have to wait for it to come in the library or anything. Heehee, I've got some good questions to ask Suzanne...

Alright. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hope everyone is having as good a week as I am!

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